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How to make the most out of your children’s party

Your child’s birthday party isn’t just an important celebration for them, it’s also a great occasion for you as their guardian. But the preparing, planning and partying can leave you feeling warn out. And lead to you missing out. Here at Mr Stix, we know how much effort goes into children’s parties. As a result, we have produced this guide to how to make the most out of your children’s party.

Hire a professional

Your first step should be to hire a professional. As soon as you know that the entertainment will be provided, you can start to enjoy the planning. After all, entertaining 60 youngsters is no easy feat. In fact, it can be comparable with herding cats. And worrying about how you will manage to keep them all happy can prevent you from enjoying the whole process. So get your entertainment booked in nice and early.

Don’t go overboard

We understand that you need your child’s party to be the best. You want your child, and their friends, to have a memorable, fun and enjoyable day. But don’t go overboard. It can be easy to go over the top and book every kind of entertainment going. But this can lead to confusion and arguments between the children. Ultimately creating the opposite effect. Choose between 1 and 3 options depending on the length of your party, the amount of guests, and the size of your space. For example, a 1 hour party, in a smaller hall, with less guests only really needs one form of entertainment.

Preparation is key

Prepare for the event before it happens. Write a list and make sure you have everything you need beforehand. This will make you feel more organised and will help you unwind and enjoy the big day. Instead of making last minute adjustments.

To book professional children’s entertainment for your  child’s party, get in touch with the experts today, here at Mr Stix.

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Children’s entertainment for family events

When it comes to family events, celebrations and occasions, entertaining the youngsters can be a bit like herding cats. Pretty impossible. But family celebrations are an important time for the whole family, including the children. So why not hire a professional children’s entertainer to make sure that the children have a lot of fun? And more importantly, to keep them out of trouble! We all know children are much more likely to misbehave when they are bored, so by hiring a children’s entertainer, you can make life easier for yourself, and make sure everyone has a great time. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer. And these are his options for children’s entertainment for family events.

The Holiday Show

For 45 minutes of action packed fun, laughter, comedy and all round entertainment, the Holiday Show can be the perfect option. Especially for family events where the children will be a mix of ages. Using a range of entertainment techniques, Mr Stix will be joined by his assistant Peanut, to keep the laughter flowing, and the children engaged, interacting and having fun.

The Game Show

If you are looking for something more family oriented, for everyone to get involved with, the Game Show could be perfect for you. Mr Stix has a 45 minute to 1 hour Game Show option that can be the perfect way to keep both the children and the adults entertained during a family event. So split up into different teams, and get competing!

Balloon modelling

For something more low key, and continuous, balloon modelling is a great choice. Children are mesmerized by the balloon modelling process, and Mr Stix can whip up all manner of creatures and props for the children at your family event to play with. In fact, Mr Stix also offers a balloon modelling workshop, for interested youngsters to come and learn about making balloon models, and even have a go themselves.

To make your family event memorable and special, get in touch with Mr Stix today!

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Advantages of professional children’s entertainment

Parents and guardians are under constant pressure. But this can be escalated during the run up to your child’s birthday.  After all, you want everything to go well, not just for your little one and their friends, but to impress the other parents too. And it can be a challenge to plan a children’s birthday party to meet these requirements. But Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, who can really help your party or event make an impression. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of professional children’s entertainment.


When it comes to your children’s birthday party, you need to know that your entertainer will be:

  • punctual- there is nothing worse than keeping the children entertained and calm while you wait anxiously for a late entertainer
  • reliable- you need to know that your entertainer is going to turn up, not just take the deposit and run
  • appropriate- a children’s entertainer needs to be able to pitch the performance for the right age of the guests
  • friendly- you need the guests to feel relaxed around the entertainer who will be friendly and approachable

Hiring a professional means that you will be assured of all these qualities, and more. And you wont be let down on the big day.


This one might go without saying, but honestly, its not always the case! Another of the advantages of professional children’s entertainment, is that your children and guests will actually be entertained. For the whole time, a professional entertainer will keep your audience engaged, and joining in, laughing and smiling throughout. If you tried this yourself, you might struggle to keep them all happy.

To hire a professional children’s entertainer for your child’s party, get in touch with the experts today, here at Mr Stix. From comedy to magic, Mr Stix can offer a wide range of entertainment options, suitable for all parties and events.

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Children’s entertainment for pre-school children

Children in the pre-school or nursery bracket, are often about to experience their first birthday parties. And to keep them entertained and happy, requires a specific set of skills. Mr Stix, as an award winning children’s entertainer, has the experience and skills need to provide top quality entertainment to children of all ages. Including pre-school children. As a result, we have produced this guide to children’s entertainment for pre-School children.

Children’s entertainment for pre-School children

Entertainment options for children in the pre-school category should focus on:

  • rhymes and repition
  • physical actions to join in
  • games
  • childlike humour

A lot of the entertainment should be about getting the children to join in, with actions and words, so that they feel part of the show. This way, their attention will be held for longer, and they will get more out of it. Because children in this age range find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time, the entertainer should switch activities regularly. And a good entertainer will time this on children’s reactions and behaviour.

The Under 4’s Show

Mr Stix can offer a specifically designed entertainment option for the under 4’s. Tried and tested, this pre-school entertainment package is perfect for keeping the youngsters involved and happy throughout the 45 minute show. Mr Stix will use lots of audience involvement with  colourful magic, games, music, dancing and singing, as well as some puppets to keep the children entertained and engaged.  In fact, the children will have the chance to become a magician themselves! And with some plate spinning and balloon modelling too, the children will be captivated.

Pre-school entertainment to support development

This type of children’s entertainment can support children’s development through:

  • language development-joining in with rhymes, songs and games
  • social development
  • physical development

For more information or advice about children’s entertainment for pre-school children, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

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Age Appropriate children’s entertainment

When it comes to your child’s birthday party, you only want the best. In fact, parents are under an increasing amount of pressure to make sure that the children’s party really stands out. Which is why many choose to hire a children’s entertainer. But you shouldn’t just hire any old entertainer. One of the most important things to consider is the type of entertainment offered. And whether this will be suitable for your child and their friends. Here at Mr Stix, we have produced this guide to age appropriate children’s entertainment.

The under 4’s

For age appropriate children’s entertainment for the under fours, you need entertainment that is light-hearted, family friendly, funny and engaging throughout. At 4 years or younger, children find it very difficult to concentrate on the same thing for a long period of time. So the children’s entertainer needs to be prepared to shake things up and use lots of different entertainment methods throughout the show. Lots of praise and rewards can also go a long way to keeping the children entertained.

4-8 age bracket

In the 4 -8 age bracket children can follow a plotline for a longer period of time, and can join in with parts of a story. This is great for children’ entertainers who want to use audience participation as a key tool for child involvement.  At the same time, this group will respond well to childlike humour and comedy and so a good entertainer can keep them amused and engaged throughout.


From the age of 8+ some children can find ordinary children’s entertainers boring and childish. So you need to find someone who can provide quality entertainment at a higher level. Street magic and illusion shows can work really well, pitched at a higher level. As can some comedy shows.

Here at Mr Stix, we cover a wide range of age ranges and have quality entertainment options for any age. Why not get in touch today?

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Planning a jungle themed birthday? Here are some top tips!

Children’s birthday parties are such a big deal. Not just for the children who are celebrating, but for all of their friends too. And parents really do feel the pressure to put on the best party performance. From the decorations to the entertainment, there are so many things to consider that planning your child’s party can be a real struggle. But have you thought about a party theme? From princesses to super heroes, here at Mr Stix, we have performed at all manner of themed parties. And jungle themed parties, are often the most successful. As a result, we have produced this guide to planning a jungle themed birthday.

Why choose a jungle theme?

While princesses or superheroes might be more in your child’s interest, not all of their friends will have the right costume or even share their enthusiasm for the theme. This means that some of their classmates might not be as enthusiastic about attending the party, and might not turn up altogether.

At the same time, if you have a mix of genders and age groups attending the party, it can be a real struggle to fit together a theme to keep everyone happy.

A jungle theme solves all these problems. Animal masks are really easy to get hold of, and most children love animals.

In addition, party food, party bags, party games and decorations can easily be found to fit this theme.

The entertainment

All parties, even jungle parties, should have good children’s entertainment. And here at Mr Stix, we can provide top quality, award winning entertainment to children of all ages. And if we know about your theme, we can even incorporate that too.

Additionally, we can throw in some balloon modelling. And what better theme for balloon models, that balloon animals? We can create all manner of wonderful balloon creatures and animals, perfect for your little ones jungle themed birthday.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the experts today, here at Mr Stix.

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Advantages of hiring a children’s entertainer for weddings

Here at Mr Stix, we know that your wedding day needs to be special. But while all the adults in the room are enjoying the celebrations and catching up with friends, for children, weddings can be a very long and dull occasion. They no doubt had to get up early in the morning to get ready, and won’t be leaving until late in the evening. And we all know that bored children can be a real handful. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of hiring a children’s entertainer for weddings.

Something to look forward to

If the children attending the wedding know that there will be some children’s entertainment, this gives them something to look forward to throughout the rest of the days events. And it can also be a good reason for them to behave well up until the entertainment arrives.

Beat the boredom (and bad behaviour)

Weddings can be pretty dull for children, so why not book children’s entertainment during the times when bad behaviour could be a challenge. For example, during the speeches. After all, a misbehaving child can take away all the attention from the speeches, and ruin the whole experience. If you have a designated children’s zone, with a children’s entertainer booked during that hour, you can rest assured that your wedding speeches will be perfect.

Celebrating together

Another of the advantages of hiring a children’s entertainer for weddings is that you can all celebrate together. Sometimes it can be easier to not include children in the invitations, but this means that families miss out on celebrating together. Booking a children’s entertainer for the evening do can be a great way to keep the family together, and keep the children out of trouble.

For more information or to book children’s entertainment for your own wedding, get in touch with the experts today, here at Mr Stix.


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Balloon modelling and children’s parties

As a top quality children’s entertainer, Mr Stix is a balloon modelling expert. With all manner of critters and creatures to whip up, balloon modelling can be a fantastic addition to any child’s birthday party. But why is balloon modelling such a good idea for children’s parties? And what can you expect from a good children’s entertainer? Well, this is our guide to balloon modelling and children’s parties.

Any event in any place

Children’s parties and events range from a small gathering in a village hall, to a massive outdoor celebration. And finding children’s entertainment options that can keep all of the guests happy is a big ask. But balloon modelling comes close. Suitable for outdoor or indoor events, large or small, balloon modelling can be used to entertain children in small groups, one to one, or in large groups. This means that whatever you have planned balloon modelling could really make a big difference to your child’s birthday party.

Surprise and delight

Children of all ages are interested in balloon modelling. Watching someone create a familiar shape from a balloon with a few simple twists and turns is enough to keep them guessing. And the finished result will often surprise and delight. In fact, it is both fascinating to watch, and exciting from them to receive a balloon creation of their own. And with the option of leaving the birthday party with their own balloon model, children are more likely to remain engaged and interested.



If your children party has a set theme, the balloon creations can be tailored to match this theme. Inform us before hand and we will make sure that the children will be overjoyed with their balloon creations. No matter what theme, from aliens to princesses, balloon creations can be made to match.

To book a professional children’s entertainer, with balloon modelling skills, why not get in touch with Mr Stix today, and prepare to amaze your audience.

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Children’s magicians and birthday parties

Hiring a children’s magician has long been a popular form of children’s entertainment for parties and events. But why is magic so popular? And do children still enjoy it? Well, here at Mr Stix, we provide award winning children’s entertainment, including magic and illusion. And this is our guide to children’s magicians and birthday parties.

Age appropriate children’s magic

While fun magic and illusion, like rubber flowers with a hidden water pistol is perfect for the younger age range, older children will find this dull, patronizing, and childish. In the same way, card tricks and illusion will completely bore the younger age bracket, who won’t be entertained at all. That’s why, whenever you hire a children’s magician for a birthday party, you should make sure that their show is age appropriate, and will keep your youngsters engaged and happy.

Magic shows need to be fun and exciting

While some children’s entertainers might focus on the fun and fluffy side of children’s magic, others will jump straight in with more “street magic” kind of tricks. The best children’s magic will blend the two to keep all your young guests entertained and engaged throughout the process, and will use a range of techniques to make sure each child is playing an active part in the show. This means that a children’s magic show can be perfect for birthday parties, as the birthday celebrant can even become the star!

Children’s magicians and birthday parties

Children’s magicians can be the perfect form of entertainment for birthday parties, as long as your entertainer is age appropriate. In fact magic can:

  • be incredibly exciting for children and really capture their imagination, making their special day a lasting memory
  • be a great way to bring all the children together to enjoy a show and join in with something, even the most reluctant of children
  • be a learning experience and a way for children to develop a new interest

For more information, or to book an incredible and talented children’s magician, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

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Theme ideas for children’s birthday parties

Is your child’s birthday looming on the horizon? Do you have no idea what to organise for them? Well, choosing a party theme can really help to get your plans underway. Usually you can choose a theme based on your child’s latest interest, or current passion. But if you are struggling for ideas, here at Mr Stix, we have put together some theme ideas that can be a great place to start.

Theme ideas for children’s birthday parties

Themed parties are great for parents as it means you know exactly what kind of supplies you need when it comes to:

  • decorations
  • party bags
  • and even party food

Some great theme ideas we have witnessed include:

  • Princesses and pirates- Some of the most popular children’s fancy dress options include princess dresses and pirate costumes. They are also really easy for parents to get hold of at last minute. And whichever category your child fits into, they will have a fantastic day dressed up in costume and acting the part. Whether it’s a princess dress, or a pirate costume, there’s room for everyone in this kind of themed party.
  • Super heroes- With the popularity of marvel avengers films booming, there has never been a better time to throw a super hero party. And with roles for both boys and girls, nobody has to feel left out. There is also an abundance of party decorations and supplies based around this theme, so it will be easy to cater for!
  • Jungle theme- For younger children, a jungle theme can be a great idea. Again this is perfect for both boys and girls, so all of your child’s friends can be invited.
  • Magic- a magic themed birthday can be truly, well, magical! Whether it’s Harry Potter or Dynamo, magic is a fantastic way to capture the imagination and celebrate something your child is interested in. In fact, you could even hire a professional like Mr Stix, to really knock their socks off.

For more information, or to book children’s entertainment, get in touch with Mr Stix today!