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Throwing the perfect children’s party

The annual arrival of a child’s birthday party is often a source of dread for parents and families. Especially once your child is school age and has a lot of party experience to measure success by. Not to mention their friends, who can be incredibly critical even at a young age. So what do you do? Well, as an award winning children’s entertainer, Mr Stix and the team have been invited to a vast number of children’s parties. As a result, we have produced this guide to throwing the perfect children’s party.


The first part of throwing the perfect children’s party is to plan the entertainment. Whether its party games or a party disco, children of any age need entertainment. After all, once they get bored, that’s when they start to misbehave. Plan to keep the children entertained for the duration of your party with age appropriate activities and games, and even throw in some quieter activities for children that may be feeling overwhelmed. This way you’ll cater to all the children in the group. Of course, the best solution to your entertainment issue would be to hire a professional children’s entertainer, just like Mr Stix!

The guest list

Once the entertainment is sorted, its time to think about the guest list. While it can be tempting to invite everyone you know to your children’s party, is it really necessary?

For example, if your child is part of a children’s group or club, it can be tempting to invite one or two of the children from there. But these children will then end up at a party where they only know you and your child, and their own parents or guardians. That’s probably not going to be much fun for them and could lead to tears.

Alternatively, inviting too many children can also be overwhelming for your own child who might not enjoy being the centre of quite so much attention.

Ultimately, instead of handing out invites to everyone, being more selective will not only save you money, but could prevent issues on the big day itself.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Mr Stix.

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Benefits of a balloon modelling workshop

Do you have a family event or party coming up? Are you wondering how to keep the youngsters entertained? Well, here at Mr Stix, we are award winning children’s entertainers. And we offer a range of party and entertainment packages. But if you want something more low key, why not book a balloon modelling workshop as well? From entertainment and educational value, to genuine fun, there are many benefits of a balloon modelling workshop. Here are just a few.

Learning new skills

While most parties and events pan out in a similar way, i.e. children’s entertainer, lunch, then disco, you don’t need to follow the trend. In fact, by offering a balloon modelling workshop in the long afternoon, the children will have something to look forward to. As this is something completely unique, the children are more likely to be interested and remain engaged. And balloon modelling is a great new skill for the children to learn.

Not only does balloon modelling take creativity and imagination, it also helps to develop both fine and gross motor skills, to twist the balloon into shape. In addition, it does take focus, so your child will develop their concentration skills as they really think about their creation.

Child free time

While balloon modelling can help the children learn new skills, and be creative, it also means that the adults can enjoy some much needed child free time. Perfect for catching up and chatting with family and friends, while the children are pre-occupied.


Another of the benefits of a balloon modelling workshop is the genuine fun. Lots of children love watching and receiving balloon models, and are genuinely interested in creating their own. We make our balloon modelling workshops age appropriate, fun and entertaining so that all the children enjoy the session. And at the end they will each have something to show for their efforts.

For more information, or to book your own balloon modelling workshop, get in touch with the experts today, here at Mr Stix.

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Children’s entertainment options for children’s parties

There’s no doubt about it, your children’s party is a big deal. They’ve probably attended a handful of birthday parties already this year, with more parties already scheduled, and more invites on the way. And as parents or carers, you’re probably feeling the pressure. After all, it’s not just your child you need to impress, it’s also the 20 or more other children, and their parents and family members. So when it comes to the children’s entertainment, it pays to get it right. Here at Mr Stix, we are children’s entertainers. And we understand all about the pressures parents and carers face. So this is our guide to children’s entertainment options for children’s parties.

Puppet Show

One of the ever popular forms of children’s entertainment is a puppet show. With practically every animal, or creature, available in puppet form, a good children’s entertainer will be able to fit their puppet routine into your birthday theme.

Watching the puppet come to life is great for children’s imaginations, and watching the story-line will be entertaining. But a puppet show alone can be boring for those too young to enjoy sitting and listening.


Another popular option is to hire a magician. With tricks and illusions to keep your young audience guessing, a children’s magician can be a great option. Especially if the magic is performed well, and mixed in with comedy and audience involvement.

However, not all children will be interested in a magician. It does take a good entertainer to keep children interested in a magic show.

All round entertainer

The best option for children’s entertainment is to hire an all round entertainer. Here at Mr Stix, we blend magic and illusion, with puppetry, music, dancing comedy and fun. There is always audience participation so that your audience don’t get bored, and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

For more information or to book, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

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Children’s entertainers and balloon animals

Balloon modelling is a key part of what most children’s entertainers have to offer. And although there is an increasing amount of technology involved in growing up today, balloon modelling, and especially balloon animals are still a big hit. Here at Mr Stix, we provide children’s entertainment for parties and events across the region, from Lancaster to Liverpool. And balloon modelling is still a successful part of what we can offer. So why do children’s entertainers and balloon animals go hand in hand?

The element of surprise

To the untrained, no matter how many times you have seen a balloon animal be created you still won’t be able to guess what it will be until it’s finished. And it’s this fun and surprise that keeps children engaged and excited throughout the creation process. It is both fascinating and fun to watch a children’s entertainer produce a balloon animal. And the interest turns to delight when the product is finally completed and handed to an overjoyed child.


Because the children don’t know what the animal will be, the balloon modelling process captures their imagination. In fact, for some children the way that balloon animals are created is almost a magical experience.

Take away

Children get to take away the balloon animal with them from the party or event, so even if it’s not their party, they still get a little memento to enjoy. And when it’s as magical and unique as the balloon animal, the children are even more thrilled.


Balloon animals or models can be tailored to match the theme of your child’s party. Especially if you inform the children’s entertainer in advance. So whether its aliens or wands, unicorns or princesses, balloon models and animals can usually be tailored to match.

To book a professional children’s entertainer, with balloon modelling skills, why not get in touch with Mr Stix today, and prepare to amaze your audience.

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Hiring a children’s magician

Mr Stix is an incredible and extra-ordinary children’s entertainer. Providing a whole host of magic and laughter to children across the region, from Lancaster to Wales, Mr Stix has won awards for his talents. Magic and illusion as well as comedy and music are always central to his entertainment shows. But is hiring a children’s magician a good idea? Well, this is our guide to the advantages of hiring a children’s magician.

Magic is incredibly exciting

While as adults, magic might not capture our imagination, for children it certainly does. Their gasps of wonder and amazement are generally the easiest way to tell that they are spellbound. Watching a magician is a great experience for children, and it really encourages creative thinking. While some of the children will believe in magic whole-heartedly, others will be curious and questioning how it really happened. And this is the beauty of magic for children, as whichever side they fall on, they will still be thinking about and talking about the magic for days. And they don’t have to believe it, to be fascinated. As a result, if you want to provide a birthday experience that will be memorable as well as fun, why not hire a children’s magician?

Magic Keeps Children Occupied

There’s no doubting that while the children are being entertained by the magician, the parents dont have to worry at all. A good children’s magician, like Mr Stix, will keep the audience captivated by wonder and surprise for the full duration of the show. And there will also be audience participation for the children to be involved as well. As a result, hiring a children’s magician means that you can sort out the food, or the party bags, without being hassled by the children. Or you can put your feet up and take an hour to chill out with the other parents.

Magic is an experience

Children can easily become interested in what they can get for their birthday presents, rather than the birthday itself. It’s the same with Christmas. Hiring a magician is a good way to help children learn that birthdays, and birthday parties, can provide experiences that can be far more rewarding than any gift. The interest and enthusiasm they will gain from a magic show can last a lifetime.

For more information, or to book an incredible and talented children’s magician, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

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Considerations for joint birthday parties for children

Children’s birthday parties can be some of the most special and memorable hours of their childhood. And if they have a best friend who shares their birthday, or even a twin, sibling or cousin, a joint birthday party can seem like a fantastic idea. Not only do you only need one party, but the children will be inviting most of the same friends anyway! As a true party expert, Mr Stix, has attended and entertained a whole host of joint birthday parties. From the successful, to the not so successful. These are some considerations for joint birthday parties for children.

Will a joint birthday party help you save money?

With a joint birthday party you only need to hire one venue and one entertainer. So on the surface, it looks very much like you will save money.

However, if the children do not have the same friendship group, you may need to invite double the children. This means double the food and double the party bags, as well as double the trouble.

In addition, if the two children are different, with very different interests, you may not be able to come up with a theme they can both agree on. As a result, you can end up with essentially two different parties going on in the same venue. And you might need to book two forms of children’s entertainment. This can increase the costs.

Make sure each child feels special

In a joint birthday party, it can be easy for one less confident child to feel overlooked. And at their birthday party, they definitely should be the centre of attention. So how will you make sure that both children are the stars of the party? Here are some good ideas we have seen in action:

  • special chairs at the buffet for the two birthday children
  • two lots of happy birthdays sung for the two children
  • two birthday cakes so each child has the joy of their cake being brought out to them
  • two present areas for the children so their presents arent all jumbled up


If you are having a joint birthday party, you should let your children’s entertainer know. Here at Mr Stix, we have developed a strategy for joint birthday parties that will help both children be the centre of attention, and make sure they are both equally happy. For more information or to book, get in touch today.

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Benefits Of Throwing A Children’s Party

When it comes to children’s parties, they can be a nightmare. A room full of children, expensive food and entertainment, and an over-excited birthday celebrant, can be something every parent dreads. No matter how well behaved your child is the rest of the time. But for all the stress, worry and sleepless nights, there are many benefits of throwing a children’s party, especially for your child. Here at Mr Stix, as an award winning children’s entertainer, we have attended more children’s parties than most. But having a birthday party isn’t just a fun way to celebrate getting a year older. Nor is it simply a rite of passage. There are some benefits too, including…


Interacting with children their own age is so important for social, emotional and communication development. Especially in younger children. A birthday party is one of the few occasions that children can interact with a wide range of their peers, outside of the structured nursery or school environment. As a result, it is a great place for them to start developing the skills they will need to become successful adults in the future.

New Experiences

For some children, going to a birthday party can open a whole new world of experiences. Whether you hire a bouncy castle, or a children’s entertainer, it can be the first time some of your little guests have experienced these things, including the birthday celebrant!


If your child is usually shy or reserved, their birthday party is the perfect place for them to become a little bit more confident. After all, everyone who is at the party is there to celebrate their birthday. This means that they will be a little bit bolder in their choices, and will have the confidence to enjoy all the new and exciting things a birthday party can offer. This can help them to continue making more progress in the future.

Lasting impression

Finally, a good birthday party can be something that your child will remember forever. A time when all their family were around, and all their friends. And a time they were happy. These kind of memories are special. So helping your child make them and keep them, with photographs and keepsakes is a great benefit.

To book a top quality entertainer for your child’s birthday party, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

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What should you expect from a children’s entertainer?

Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer that works across the North West region, from Lancaster to Liverpool, to provide incredible entertainment options. With a range of party options available, the team at Mr Stix is an incredibly popular choice for both children and their parents. Especially as he delivers the experience they expect. But what should you expect from a children’s entertainer?


First and foremost, anyone who you pay to provide a service should show their professionalism. Including children’s entertainers. This means that they will respond to all of your inquiries in a professional way, even when you ask them to confirm the booking for the third time. Professionals are more than happy to do this, because they know how important it is for the host to get everything right, and how stressful planning an event or party can be.

In addition, a children’s entertainer will demonstrate their professionalism by arriving on time. There is nothing worse than waiting for your entertainment to turn up when you have a room full of impatient children. Professionals, like Mr Stix, value the importance of making a good impression, and being on time.


It should go without saying, but you should also expect your children’s entertainer to have a sense of fun, humour and to be entertaining. Especially as that is what they are paid for. A children’s entertainer that isn’t keeping your children amused is probably the worst type of entertainer!

As a result, it is expected that the show the children’s entertainer performs will be funny, engaging and have all the children involved. That’s certainly what Mr Stix can offer anyway.

For more information or advice, or to book a professional children’s entertainer, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

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Family entertainment options for parties and events

While family events are memorable occasions and an important part of family life, finding a suitable way to keep the young guests amused can make it a nightmare. In fact, family occasions can be really boring for children. And this in turn leads to poor behavior. So whether its a 30th, a wedding, or a christening, you need an entertainment system in place. Here at Mr Stix, we can offer just that. Here are some family entertainment options for parties and events.

Party Packages for the children

From 45 minutes to 2 hours, Mr Stix can deliver an incredibly fun and entertaining party package. With games, music, comedy and magic, there is something for everyone, to keep all the children entertained. Leaving the adults to enjoy some well deserved child free time! If you have hired a venue for your family event, the children’s entertainment can even take place in a separate area.

Party games for the whole audience

If you would prefer some entertainment for your while audience, adults included, why not book the 1 hour Game Show option? This can be the perfect way to keep both the children and the adults entertained during a family occasion. The Game Show will keep the whole family involved and engaged, laughing throughout. Involving different teams competing against one another, your while family can let their hair down. The show is fast and fun, featuring high-energy music and colourful entertainment.

Balloon modelling

Alternatively, if you would prefer an ongoing entertainment option that is more low key, balloon modelling could be perfect. Not only will your children be amazed and surprised by what Mr Stix can produce, but they will also have a balloon model to play. That’s got to be a win-win!

For more information or advice, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

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Top tips for planning a children’s party

If you want your children’s party to be successful, you need to plan, plan plan. From the party food to the party bags, from the guest list, to the entertainment, all aspects of your party will need to be planned and prepared for. Hiring an excellent children’s entertainer like Mr Stix, will go some way towards helping with your planning. But what else will need to be prepared? Well, these are some top tips for planning a children’s party.

Plan the menu

If you will be providing a small meal or a buffet for party food, its important to plan out what you will be providing. You dont want to cook something too complicated, and it will often be eaten cold. Fro this reason, sandwiches and pizzas make a great choice. Especially if you use cookie cutters to cut them into interesting shapes.

In addition, you will need to be aware of any food allergies that may be present.

Book the venue

Booking a venue can be tricky, but it does mean that there will be more space, and you wont need to worry about your home being taken over by small children! On the other hand, its much less expensive to hold the party at home, at a time and date that suits your schedule.


If you need to send out invitations to your party, make sure you send them out around 3 weeks before the event. This give plenty of time for people to make arrangements to drop their children off and pick them back up. That way, more of your child’s friends will be able to attend.


Finally, consider your entertainment. Why not hire an award winning children;s entertainer like Mr Stix? Get in touch today, for more information or to book.