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Theme ideas for children’s birthday parties

Is your child’s birthday looming on the horizon? Do you have no idea what to organise for them? Well, choosing a party theme can really help to get your plans underway. Usually you can choose a theme based on your child’s latest interest, or current passion. But if you are struggling for ideas, here at Mr Stix, we have put together some theme ideas that can be a great place to start.

Theme ideas for children’s birthday parties

Themed parties are great for parents as it means you know exactly what kind of supplies you need when it comes to:

  • decorations
  • party bags
  • and even party food

Some great theme ideas we have witnessed include:

  • Princesses and pirates- Some of the most popular children’s fancy dress options include princess dresses and pirate costumes. They are also really easy for parents to get hold of at last minute. And whichever category your child fits into, they will have a fantastic day dressed up in costume and acting the part. Whether it’s a princess dress, or a pirate costume, there’s room for everyone in this kind of themed party.
  • Super heroes- With the popularity of marvel avengers films booming, there has never been a better time to throw a super hero party. And with roles for both boys and girls, nobody has to feel left out. There is also an abundance of party decorations and supplies based around this theme, so it will be easy to cater for!
  • Jungle theme- For younger children, a jungle theme can be a great idea. Again this is perfect for both boys and girls, so all of your child’s friends can be invited.
  • Magic- a magic themed birthday can be truly, well, magical! Whether it’s Harry Potter or Dynamo, magic is a fantastic way to capture the imagination and celebrate something your child is interested in. In fact, you could even hire a professional like Mr Stix, to really knock their socks off.

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Planning the supplies for your child’s birthday party

Organizing your child’s birthday party is never easy. From the theme, to the guest list, to the party food and entertainment, there seems to be a never ending stream of tasks to complete. And that doesn’t include the decorations and supplies you might need on the big day.  But what are the supplies you should be thinking about, and how can you use them? Well, as an award winning children’s entertainer, Mr Stix and the team have attended a huge amount of children’s birthday parties. And we have produced this guide to planning the supplies for your child’s birthday party.


The supplies for the party can be split into two categories: decorations and party favours or gifts. So when it comes to choosing supplies for the decorations, you should:

  • think about your theme- does your child want a superhero or a princess theme? Whichever theme they have selected, you need to find decorations to fit the theme. Even if these just fit with the colour scheme, i.e, red and blue for superheroes, and pink and purple for princesses.
  • think about the party space- will you use tables to sit down at? If so, you might want to think about table decorations. If not, you only need wall decorations or standing decorations. While you might decide to get both, you can narrow your options down by thinking about how you will organise the event space.
  • think about the age of your guests- parties for very young children might need a lot of bright colours and tactile decorations like balloons, windmills and ribbons. While parties for older children might only need a few balloons and banners.

Party favours

Many children like to give out (and receive) party bags or goody bags at a children’s party. But finding supplies for these can be a real challenge. You should consider:

  • the age of the children- while under 3’s need suitable party bags because of potential choking hazards, there is more scope for older children
  • think about your theme- themed party bags can be more expensive to produce, but they can really impress your guests.
  • sweets and treats
  • balloons- balloon models can be a great party gift for children of all ages. And here at Mr Stix, we offer a balloon modelling service that can be stand alone, or as part of a larger entertainment package.

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Planning a themed children’s party

As an award winning children’s entertainer, Mr Stix and the team attend a lot of children’s birthday parties. From tiny tots, to almost teens, we cover all age ranges. One party element that has been rising in popularity over recent years is the themed birthday party. But what is a themed birthday party? And how do you begin planning a themed children’s party? Well, here at Mr Stix, we’re here to help.

What is a themed birthday party?

A themed children’s party is one where all aspects of the party are planned around the theme. From the decorations to the party food, and even the party games, the whole party is planned around one theme. In fact, in some cases, the invited children and parents will be informed of the theme when invited, and the children may have to attend in fancy dress.

Planning a children’s party around a particular theme can make it easier for parents to make sure that their child has a birthday celebration that is geared around their interests. This will make it even more special. But what steps are involved in the planning?

Planning a themed children’s party

When it comes to planning a themed children’s party, you need to start by deciding on a theme.

One of the first things to consider is the gender balance of the guest list. Is your child going to be inviting boys and girls? Or just one gender? This is an important question, because a princesses party might not be inclusive to the boys you are inviting. So you might have to stretch the theme. Superheroes and Princess, and Pirates and Princesses are just two of the themed parties we have attended.

Once your theme is determined, you can purchase decorations to show off the theme. This is one of the most exciting parts for your little one to join in with, but some parents prefer to keep it as a surprise for the big day. Cardboard cutouts, table decorations, and even themed balloons can all help tie your themed party together.

Party food can also be themed, especially with things like mini pizzas that can be cut to shape, and biscuits and cakes that can be decorated in line with the theme.

Once you have planned your themed party, it;s time to book the entertainment. Make sure the entertainer knows the theme in advance, as some parts of the routine or show can be tweaked to fit. Why not get in touch with Mr Stix today to find out more?


Children’s entertainment options for older children

When it comes to your child’s birthday party, it is essential you get it right. From the decorations, to the party food, not to mention the entertainment, parents and carers really feel the birthday pressure. And when your child gets older, it can be even more difficult. You need to strike a balance between what is enjoyable, and what is babyish. Finding age appropriate entertainment can be a challenge. But here at Mr Stix, it is something we excel at. As a result, we have produced this guide to children’s entertainment options for older children.


In that awkward stage between being a child and being a teenager, lots of children choose a disco style party. But for some, it’s not simply enough to put the music on and leave them to dance. Some form of party games or leadership is required. But when most party games feel babyish, what can you do? Well, forget about the pass the parcel and the musical chairs, you need to push the boundaries with your disco games. Some examples include:

  • Dance Factor style dancing competition
  • Musical dares- just like musical bumps but the slowest has to complete a dare, set by the party leader. This is great because the dares can be set to the age level of the children and it makes for some hilarious results.
  • Wink murder
  • Musical twister

Illusion shows

Once children get to a certain age, they are no longer interested in “rabbit in the hat” style magic shows. But they love Dynamo style illusion magic with card tricks and magic that really stands out to adults and children alike. Finding a good children’s entertainer that can perform this style of illusion, and also help the older children learn how to perform some simple illusion tricks can be a great way to spend a birthday party. Not only will both boys and girls love testing out their skills on each other, they will also be fascinated by the illusions on show.

For more information or advice, or to book a party you might have in mind, get in touch with Mr Stix today.


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Children’s entertainment supports development

When it comes to your child’s birthday party, or your family event, you’re probably focused on the entertainment value. Just how will you keep so many children happy? But did you know that hiring a children’s entertainer can also support child development? So with an expert like Mr Stix, you won’t just get a whole host of fun and laughter, you’ll also give your child an educational boost. Without them even realizing. As a result, we have produced this guide to show how exactly children’s entertainment supports development.

Language skills

From birth, children are able to understand the sounds around them and distinguish between different types of sounds. Talking and singing can help your child develop their listening skills, not to mention their speech and vocabulary. So if you want to host an under 4’s party, Mr Stix’s show will feature lots of signing and storytelling. And this will not only keep them engaged and happy, but it will help their development too!

But what about the older children? Well, believe it or not, children’s entertainment can still effect language development at an older age. Whenever children experience something new or exciting, they always want to tell you all about it. And this reciting of events helps to boost their vocabulary and improves their storytelling skills, which can even help with their writing development. Birthday parties or events are the perfect way to provide this excitement.


Children love dancing and nursery rhymes. But have you ever noticed how children’s dancing games and nursery rhymes take a certain amount of co-ordination? Even heads, shoulders, knees and toes is a game that relies on the child being aware of their own body space. So for any under 4s party, you can expect that a good children’s entertainer will be using these songs and rhymes to encourage the children to join in. And in doings so, your children will develop their co-ordination skills further. Especially when there is a lot of dancing to be done!

For older children, dancing and games are a great chance to take this further and practice their control movements. Just look at musical bumps and musical statues. On top of this, Mr Stix can offer balloon modelling workshops, which is an opportunity to develop a whole host of new skills.

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Children’s entertainment for events and occasions

When it comes to events and celebrations, children’s entertainment should not be overlooked. After all, if the children are happy, their grown ups will be happy too. Mr Stix is a professional children’s entertainer, who has won the Children’s Entertainer of the Year Award. He provides fun and laughter to all kinds of children’s parties and events across the North West region. As a result, this is an expert guide to children’s entertainment for events and occasions.

Children and events and occasions

Everyone wants the children to be able to take part in events and occasions, especially family celebrations like weddings and birthdays, but not everyone plans to cater for them. This can be a big mistake. We all know that when children get bored, they tend to misbehave. This can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to the event you have been planning for months. As a result, you should hire a children’s entertainer.

With different levels of entertainment, aimed at different age groups, Mr Stix is the perfect candidate to provide the children’s entertainment. Whether you book a 1 hour, 2 hour, or even 4 hour slot, the children at your party will be engaged and interested throughout the duration of the entertainment.

Designated children’s zone

On top of providing a children’s entertainer to break up the day or night for the youngsters, you can also provide a designated children’s area. This could be kitted out with some board games, colouring activities, or lego toys, to help the children stay amused. It might also help if there is a socket nearby for charging their hand held games and devices they no doubt brought with them. As a result, the children will be less likely to get bored, and get under the adults feet. So everyone can relax and have fun.

For more information or advice, or to book a fantastic children’s entertainer, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

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Children’s entertainment for under 4’s

If you have a child that is pre-school age, or under 4, you’ll know how hard it is to plan their birthday or entertainment for an event. In most cases, children’s entertainment is pitched at an older age group, and does not keep the under 4’s interested at all. However, Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, and he works across Lancashire to provide a range of children’s entertainment services. From balloon modelling at store openings, to providing on stage shows at holiday camps, Mr Stix has experience in the whole range of entertainment. And this includes children’s birthday parties and group events. But what about children;s entertainment for the pre-school category, or the under 4’s? Well Mr Stix can provide that too. This is our guide to children’s entertainment for under 4’s.

The Under 4’s Show

Mr Stix and the team have a show specifically designed for the under 4’s. This has been tried and tested and is perfect for the whole range of occasions. From family events like weddings and christenings, to birthday parties, and even nursery and pre-school parties, the under 4’s show can be the perfect fit.

Lasting for 45 minutes, the under 4’s show is aimed directly at the younger children, and will keep them laughing, engaged and joining in the whole way through. Mr Stix will use a variety of colourful magic, music, and singing, all of which the children will invited to join in with. In fact, the children will have the chance to become a magician themselves! And with some plate spinning and balloon modelling too, the children will be captivated.

Presented in a soft and warm manner, the under 4’s show is all about providing entertainment for a very young age group, with very different needs to those of an older age range.

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Birthday parties and children’s entertainers- the advantages for parents and guardians

When it comes to your child’s birthday, you no doubt want to make it as magical and special as possible. That’s why many parents and guardians decide to throw a birthday party. But choosing what form your child’s birthday party should take is a challenge. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, working across the North West, to provide fun and laughter to families and events. Especially birthday parties. As a result, we have produced this guide to birthday parties and children’s entertainers- the advantages for parents and guardians.


The first advantage of hiring a children’s entertainer is that you know you will get a professional. That means that party games, and fun filled entertainment will be both appropriate for your child and their friends, and will keep them entertained. At DIY parties, many parents struggle to keep the children entertained and happy. A professional entertainer wont have any problems at all.

Fun and Friendly

Children’s entertainers are fun and friendly. So your children will have a great time being involved in a magic or puppet show, or being entertained with comedy sketches. Whichever children’s entertainer you hire, you should get an entertaining service.

For parents and guardians this means that you can have chance to relax and enjoy your child’s party, with the other parents. Something that would never happen at a DIY children’s party.


Finally, every parent wants their child’s party to be exciting. And what could be more exciting than seeing something completely new? Whether its balloon modelling or a great entertainment show, being part of something new is exciting and memorable for your children. So you know they wont forget their birthday party.

To hire a professional children’s entertainer for your child’s party, get in touch with the experts today, here at Mr Stix.

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Throwing the perfect children’s party

The annual arrival of a child’s birthday party is often a source of dread for parents and families. Especially once your child is school age and has a lot of party experience to measure success by. Not to mention their friends, who can be incredibly critical even at a young age. So what do you do? Well, as an award winning children’s entertainer, Mr Stix and the team have been invited to a vast number of children’s parties. As a result, we have produced this guide to throwing the perfect children’s party.


The first part of throwing the perfect children’s party is to plan the entertainment. Whether its party games or a party disco, children of any age need entertainment. After all, once they get bored, that’s when they start to misbehave. Plan to keep the children entertained for the duration of your party with age appropriate activities and games, and even throw in some quieter activities for children that may be feeling overwhelmed. This way you’ll cater to all the children in the group. Of course, the best solution to your entertainment issue would be to hire a professional children’s entertainer, just like Mr Stix!

The guest list

Once the entertainment is sorted, its time to think about the guest list. While it can be tempting to invite everyone you know to your children’s party, is it really necessary?

For example, if your child is part of a children’s group or club, it can be tempting to invite one or two of the children from there. But these children will then end up at a party where they only know you and your child, and their own parents or guardians. That’s probably not going to be much fun for them and could lead to tears.

Alternatively, inviting too many children can also be overwhelming for your own child who might not enjoy being the centre of quite so much attention.

Ultimately, instead of handing out invites to everyone, being more selective will not only save you money, but could prevent issues on the big day itself.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Mr Stix.

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Benefits of a balloon modelling workshop

Do you have a family event or party coming up? Are you wondering how to keep the youngsters entertained? Well, here at Mr Stix, we are award winning children’s entertainers. And we offer a range of party and entertainment packages. But if you want something more low key, why not book a balloon modelling workshop as well? From entertainment and educational value, to genuine fun, there are many benefits of a balloon modelling workshop. Here are just a few.

Learning new skills

While most parties and events pan out in a similar way, i.e. children’s entertainer, lunch, then disco, you don’t need to follow the trend. In fact, by offering a balloon modelling workshop in the long afternoon, the children will have something to look forward to. As this is something completely unique, the children are more likely to be interested and remain engaged. And balloon modelling is a great new skill for the children to learn.

Not only does balloon modelling take creativity and imagination, it also helps to develop both fine and gross motor skills, to twist the balloon into shape. In addition, it does take focus, so your child will develop their concentration skills as they really think about their creation.

Child free time

While balloon modelling can help the children learn new skills, and be creative, it also means that the adults can enjoy some much needed child free time. Perfect for catching up and chatting with family and friends, while the children are pre-occupied.


Another of the benefits of a balloon modelling workshop is the genuine fun. Lots of children love watching and receiving balloon models, and are genuinely interested in creating their own. We make our balloon modelling workshops age appropriate, fun and entertaining so that all the children enjoy the session. And at the end they will each have something to show for their efforts.

For more information, or to book your own balloon modelling workshop, get in touch with the experts today, here at Mr Stix.