4 fun things to do with a pumpkin

If you’re planning a Halloween themed event, there are certain things you really need to include. Entertainment and sweets are the top of the list, but what about a pumpkin? The symbol of Halloween, the pumpkin is becoming a necessary part of every Halloween party and event. But other than being used as a decoration, what else can pumpkins be used for? Well, Mr Stix is a professional children’s entertainer. And he provides a variety of children’s party and event options across Lancashire, Manchester and Merseyside. And this is his guide to 4 fun things to do with a pumpkin.

4 fun things to do with a pumpkin

So what can you do with a pumpkin? And how can you use a pumpkin as part of your Halloween event? Well, here are 4 fun things to do with a pumpkin:

  1. Pumpkin decorating- this one goes without saying really, but pumpkin decorating is a big hit for children and guests of all ages. You can use paint, glitter and arts and crafts supplies to get the best results, without worrying about pumpkin carving and knives. Which could be a health and safety issue.
  2. Pumpkin bowling- This is a fun activity children of any age will love. Use a small to medium sized pumpkin as the bowling ball, to knock down Halloween themed pins. You can even have different characters to knock down.
  3. Pumpkin pass- This one is like pass the parcel, only instead of unwrapping it, you get to take the top of and pull out a treat. Play this game to some cheesy monster songs and you’re guests will have a lot of fun. You can even fill the inside with slime, so that it’s a trick, as well as a treat!
  4. Pumpkin races- each team is given a hollowed out pumpkin. And they have to run to the other side of the room, one at a time, an put one scoop of slime into the pumpkin and run back. Then the next team member goes. Whoever fills the pumpkin first wins a prize!

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Halloween entertainment for older children

Once children reach a certain age, Halloween often loses its appeal. And it can be impossible to get them to be enthusiastic for a Halloween event. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Focusing more on the spooky side of Halloween, while keeping things age appropriate, can be a great idea for older children. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer. And he works across the North West, from Manchester to Liverpool, to deliver high quality, professional children’s entertainment. And this is our guide to Halloween entertainment for older children.

Halloween entertainment for older children

Older children will love your Halloween event. As long as you get the right balance of spooky. Activities can include:

  • A creepy magic show- using illusion magic as a base for a spooky magic show can be a great way to grab the attention of the older children, and really amaze them. A good, creepy theme, will tie in the magic show to the Halloween event.
  • Halloween themed party games- age appropriate party games can be the perfect way to get your audience involved in the event. Turning those sullen teens into a captivated and engaged audience. Some party games can include:
    • Murder mystery- one of the guests at your event has committed a murder. And everyone at the party has to work together to uncover clues, and work out who the murderer is. This works well as an adult led activity.
    • Dare to scare- each person at the party should write down a dare, and these will be put into a bowl. Children take in turns to pull out a dare, and if they can’t do it, they must take a forfeit.
    • Dancing competitions- Why not put on some of their favourite music, and host a dancing contest. Winners should be awarded a prize.

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Children’s activities for a Halloween event

If you’re planning a Halloween event, you will need to think of a range of activities suitable for a wide range of age ranges. While older children will enjoy a much more spookier approach, this could scare younger children and put them off. So finding a balance of activities to suit your young guests is an important part of planning any Halloween event. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, with years of experience providing quality children’s entertainment and hosting children’s events, across the North West. From Liverpool to Manchester, and everywhere in between. And this is his guide to children’s activities for a Halloween event.

Children’s activities for a Halloween event

When planning children’s activities for any event it’s important to consider the broad spectrum of children you might encounter. And plan to meet a wide range of requirements. For a Halloween event, you also have to consider the age and maturity of the children. Here are some top children’s activities for a Halloween event:

  • Pumpkin decorating- who can resist decorating a pumpkin? Avoid health and safety issues and let children paint and decorate a pumpkin, instead of carve one. You can even have pre-carved pumpkins for the children to select from if you have some spare time beforehand. Either way, glitter, paint, and sequins can result in a stunning pumpkin. Why not give a prize to the best dressed pumpkin? And best of all, this activity is suitable for children of all ages to enjoy and take part in.
  • Costume parade- Let your guests show off their costumes in Halloween costume parade. You can even choose prizes for the most imaginative costumes!
  • Party games- Party games can also be a great idea for a Halloween event. You can try pass the Pumpkin, monster freeze, and a range of other games suitable for all age ranges. Find out more here.

For top quality entertainment for children at your event, you should consider hiring a professional. Like Mr Stix. Why not get in touch today, to find out more?

Halloween party ideas for pre-school children

Children love Halloween. With the costumes, the games, and the sweets, it’s not really a surprise! But what about young children? Parties for pre-school children can be difficult to pitch, without the added complications of scary costumes. But there’s no reason why they can’t enjoy a Halloween party, pitched at the right level. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, and this is his guide to Halloween party ideas for pre-school children.

Halloween party ideas for pre-school children

Everything pitched at pre-school children needs to be soft and warm. And this includes Halloween parties. You need to steer away from the scary, and make sure your event is fun and age appropriate. Your Halloween party will need:

  • Entertainment- for Halloween entertainment, we would go for age appropriate comedy and humour. Turn the scary witch of traditional tales into a joke character, so the children can enjoy elements of spooky tales, with a much softer, less spooky approach.
  • Games- play games together as a group, with themed sweet treats for the winners. Anything from dancing contests, to themed party games can be a great option for young children. Take a look at some more Halloween themed game ideas here.
  • Spooky nursery rhymes- turn some of the nursery rhymes the children know and love, into Halloween themed nursery rhymes. Why not try Five Little Pumpkins, or other counting songs with the words changed to ft the theme. The children will love learning something new and joining in with the actions.
  • Decorate pumpkins- decorating pumpkins with stickers and paint, glitter and other craft supplies can be a really fun messy play activity. And the children won’t be scared by their friendly pumpkin creations.
  • Read a spooky story- pre-school children love story time. So why not read a spooky picture book around the pumpkin as everyone tucks into their sweets? Room on the Broom, or the Gruffalo, can be good, poplar story choices for this age range. This is also a good way to end a party, with a little bit of time to wind down and relax.

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Halloween party food ideas for children

Providing top quality children’s entertainment across the North West, from Preston to Southport, Mr Stix is an award wining children’s entertainer. And the perfect choice for children’s parties and events. With Halloween on the horizon, children will be inviting their friends to the biggest party of the season. Costumes, party games and entertainment, decorations and party food are the key ingredients to any successful party. Especially a Halloween party. As a result, we have produced this guide to Halloween party food ideas for children.

Halloween party food ideas

Halloween party food should try and follow the party theme of spooktacular tricks and treats. Some ideas for great children’s Halloween party food include:

  • Witches finger sandwiches- it wouldn’t be Halloween without a witch or two. But how about some witches finger sandwiches? These can be made with gluten free bread, and vegan contents too, so that all your guests can enjoy. Simply make your sandwiches up as you usually would. Then cut them into long, 5cm wide strips. Cut one end into a triangular point, just like a nail. And if you’re really feeling brave, you can add a blob of red food colouring onto the triangle! Spooky!
  • Eyeball cake pops- the perfect treat, and the perfect amount of spooky, these eyeball cake pops are simply your usual cake pops, decorated to look like an eyeball. Perfect for your little monsters.
  • Spider pizzas- Spider pizza’s are a fun way to make sure your young guests eat their dinner, and don’t just snack on creepy cakes and biscuits. Simply arrange some sliced peppers on top of the pizza to look like a giant spider! Of course, the children can pick of the spider if they don’t like pepper, but the pizza will still be appreciated. You can easily make this suitable for children with allergies and dietary requirements too.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without the candy, the pumpkin, sweet apples, and the decorated biscuits too. So don’t forget to include those too.

For top quality children’s entertainment, from an award winning children’s entertainer, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

Halloween party game ideas for children

Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, who provides fun and laughter to events across the North West. From Liverpool to Manchester, and everywhere in between. And what could be a better excuse to hold a children’s party than Halloween? With spooky games, creepy costumes and themed food, Halloween parties can be a lot of fun. For the children invited, and the adult hosts. But to make your party a success, you’ll need some quality party games. As a result, we have produced this guide to Halloween party game ideas.

Halloween party game ideas

All children’s parties need party games. And a Halloween party is no exception! Here are some top Halloween party game ideas:

  • Zombie limbo- we all know limbo is tricky at the best of times. But while trying to do your best zombie impression? That’s impossible! Test your young guests skill and flexibility with this silly Halloween themed twist. Make sure you use a Halloween themed song to inspire their best zombie poses.
  • Werewolf howl- This one is a little noisy. So if you or a guest have sensitive ears, it might not be the right fit. But it is a lot of fun. Similar to musical statues, this game requires a couple of adult volunteers. The idea is that as soon as the music stops, the children have to hold their best werewolf pose and howl towards the (cardboard cut out) moon. The tricky thing is, the moon is always on the move. Held up by one of your volunteers. So the children need to keep focused on where the moon is, ready to give their best howls. The slowest to react is out, and the winner is discovered by elimination.
  • Witches cauldron- for smaller groups, this game is perfect. The children sit round in a circle, rolling a dice. Whoever gets a 6 gets to put on a blindfold, and find a treat in the witches cauldron. The twist is that the cauldron is full of spaghetti that has been covered in food colouring, as well as a few treats! The squelchy feel will deliver a variety of hilarious responses too.

For more information, or for professional children’s entertainment for your Halloween party, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

Hosting a Halloween Disco

Whether it’s your child’s birthday, or you are a volunteer or teacher hosting a Halloween disco, you might be in need of some ideas. That’s what we are here for, here at Mr Stix. As an award winning children’s entertainer, Mr Stix works across the North West to deliver a range of entertainment packages. And this includes Halloween themed entertainment. And this is our guide to hosting a Halloween disco.

Hosting a Halloween Disco

Hosting a Halloween disco can, in some respects, be easier than hosting just a regular disco. For any age range. And this is because the shops and the media are both full of ideas, and decorations, that can help your disco be brilliant. You should think about:

  • The music
  • Party games

The music

At any disco, the music takes centre stage. And for a Halloween party, you can use this to your advantage. Not all of your playlist has to be Halloween related, but throwing in a themed song every now and again will definitely help keep the children interested. Consider popular songs like the Monster Mash, Thriller and Ghost Busters.

Party games

Give popular party games a spooky twist by renaming them. There are a whole range of games you can try, including:

  • Monster Statues (musical statues)
  • Truth or scare (truth or dare)
  • Zombie tag (just like regular tag, except the people who are “it” need to act like zombies)

And you can even host a dancing contest, where the children need to dance like their favourite monsters to win the prize.

Hiring an entertainer

If you really want your Halloween party to be spooktacular, you might want to consider hiring a professional children’s entertainer. As such, Mr Stix can provide either one hour, or two hours, of fun and spooky children’s entertainment. Tailored to the age range of the children invited, and guaranteed to get all your guest joining in, Mr Stix can make your Halloween disco really stand out.

Planning a Halloween party

Now that Autumn has definitely arrived, it’s time to think about Halloween. With all the associated decorations, sweets and treats, and the costumes, Halloween can be the perfect time of year for a children’s party. Especially for school groups, children’s clubs, and nursery groups. But what should you consider when planning a Halloween party? Well, Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer. Who provides laughter and fun to children’s parties and events across the North West. And this is his guide to planning a Halloween party.

Planning a Halloween party

For your Halloween party to be a success, you need to consider:

  • the party food
  • the costumes
  • the decorations

The party food

A party isn’t a party without food. And for Halloween, you can consider a whole host of spooky snacks. The biggest element of this, if you are making your own food, is the food colouring. Turn your sandwiches green and your cakes orange and you’ll definitely be onto a winner.

The costumes

If you want your guests to come in costume, you need to make sure they know in advance. Finding a costume at short notice can be a challenge for a lot of parents. So make sure they have plenty of time to prepare. You can also bring some cheap masks yourself, so that anyone without a costume can still be involved.

The decorations

It wouldn’t be a Halloween party without the decorations. While you could buy a whole range of decorations, why not choose a theme first. From the inside of a witches hut, to a vampire lair, theming your decorations will make your event even more spooky.

The entertainment

Finally, you can’t forget about the entertainment. What will you do with the children once they have arrived, in costume? You could think about some Halloween party games like apple bopping, or you could host a disco. Alternatively, you could hire a children’s entertainer to really bring your evening to life.

Why not get in touch with Mr Stix today, to book your own Halloween party?

Mr Stix balloon modelling

Children’s party theme ideas

Planning the perfect party for your child can take a lot of thought. From the venue and the food, to the entertainment and the theme, there are a range of choices to make. Choosing a theme for your party first, is one of the easiest ways to navigate the rest of decisions you will have to make.  This is because, ideally, you will want to tailor the food, and the decorations, to the theme of your party. But choosing a theme is no simple task. And here at Mr Stix, we have produced this guide to children’s party theme ideas.

Children’s party theme ideas

So if you want your children’s party to be a success, you need to plan your theme. Here our our top children’s party theme ideas:

  • Interests- A good place to start is generally with your child’s interests or passions. What are they really into at the moment? And would a party themed on this be suitable?
  • Traditional- You could also go for a more traditional route. Princess parties have been popular for decades, and still get the same amount of attention now. Pirates is another traditional option, and is perhaps more inclusive for both genders to get involved.
  • Supernatural- Superhero parties are a great idea for children of both genders. And with plenty of costumers available, it should be simple enough for all your guests to come dressed up
  • Fantasy- Unicorns and dragons can be really fascinating for children. And planning your children’s party around these fantasy ideas can be a great idea. From cardboard cut outs, to food ideas, there are a range of resources available for amazing fantasy parties.
  • Magic- Make your child’s special day magical, with a magic themed party. Don’t forget to book a good magician to provide age appropriate magical entertainment.

For more information or advice, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

Mr Stix and Hand Dragon

Children’s entertainment ideas for pre-school children

Pre-school children are often overlooked when it comes to children’s parties and entertainment. But not by Mr Stix. In fact, Mr Stix can offer a range of entertainment designed specifically for the under 5 age category. This means that the children won’t be bored by activities they don’t understand. And will instead be captivated by the magic and entertainment. As a result, we have produced this guide to children’s entertainment ideas for pre-school children.

Children’s entertainment ideas for pre-school children

Entertaining children of different age groups requires totally different skills, and a completely remodeled approach. Children under 5 are more likely to be scared of new experiences, when compared to older children. And this means that children’s entertainment can be daunting. As a result, any entertainment options, need to be tailored for this specific age range. Just like The Under 4’s Show, by Mr Stix. And this can include:

  • songs and actions- pre-school children love to join in with songs and actions. And they are always open to learning a new one. By using songs and actions throughout the entertainment, the pre-school children will become confident to join in, and enjoy the activity.
  • magic- while some illusion tricks might be too confusing for under 5’s, they still love magic. Soft and warm magic shows that can amaze and astound the youngsters is the best way to go for a magic show. And if you can encourage them to join in with the spells and the actions, even better.
  • balloon modelling- children of all ages love balloon modelling. There is an anticipation of what exactly will be created, that keeps them engaged in the activity. And with great showmanship, it can become a really entertaining part of the show.

For more information about entertainment for this age range, or to book, get in touch with Mr Stix today.