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Top food ideas for parties

Organizing everything for your child’s birthday party can be overwhelming. And a bit of a challenge. With so much to remember, and a lot to do, food is something that often gets overlooked. But it’s usually always necessary when you are throwing your own children’s party. So what are the top food ideas for parties?

Top food ideas for parties

A children’s party wouldn’t be a party without food. So what type of food is a big hit? Well, here are our top food ideas for parties:

  • Cake- of course cake has to top the list. Especially for a birthday party, where a birthday cake is an absolute essential.
  • Pizza- cheap and easy to cook, cheese and tomato pizzas are a simple food that can go a long way to keeping your party guests happy. It’s also easy to eat and wont require a knife and fork.
  • Sandwiches- the classic food choice, sandwiches can be perfect for children’s parties. In fact some people provide a small snack box containing a sandwich, some fruit and a chocolate bar. This can be helpful as each child is given their own box of food, and you don’t have to set up a buffet table. You can even consider cutting the sandwiches into shapes to suit your party theme.
  • Hot dogs- another simple and easy to provide food idea is the classic hot dog. If you are renting a hall, or your venue has a kitchen facility, cooking up some hot dogs can be a doddle.
  • Snacks- looking to pad out your food selection? Why not get some snacks. Carrot sticks, cocktail sausages, cucumber sticks, cheese cubes and bread-sticks can all be good choices.

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Planning a costume party

When it comes to children’s parties, you just can’t beat a costume or dress up party. The children enjoy being their favourite character, and it can definitely help them feel braver and more confident. This is great if they will be meeting new people, or doing new activities that they aren’t quite comfortable with. But how do you plan for a costume party? Well, as an award winning children’s entertainer, Mr Stix and his team have been invited to a wide range of children’s parties and events. Including fancy dress parties. And this is our guide to planning a costume party.

Planning a costume party

Here are our top tips for planning a costume party:

  • plan a theme- if you can plan a theme for your costume party, that all children will enjoy, this can help you decorate the location and plan relevant food and activities. For a mix of genders, why not try super-heroes and princesses? Or an animal theme?
  • send your invitation out early- some parents might need extra time to get a costume together for their child, and they will appreciate the extra notice. Make sure that if you have a theme, it is clear on the invite.
  • decorate the location- every party needs some decoration, even if its just some balloons and banners. But you can go the extra mile and buy centerpieces and table decorations that will match your theme. These can also make good photo props to create lasting memories for your child.
  • plan the entertainment- all children’s parties need some entertainment. From a disco with fun party games, to a full blown entertainment show, you can tailor your party around the entertainment. Make sure you hire a professional, otherwise you might end up doing a lot more work than you planned.

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Choosing a good children’s entertainer

When it comes to your child’s birthday party, or your family event, it can be easy to simply choose the first children’s entertainer you come across. But that wont necessarily be a recipe for success. In fact, there are some particular character traits, and skills, that are entirely necessary to be sure of a good children’s entertainer, like Mr Stix. As a result, this is our guide to choosing a good children’s entertainer.

Choosing a good children’s entertainer

A good children’s entertainer is easy to spot, as long as you know what to look for. The skills and qualities include:

  • sense of humour
  • flexibility and adaptability
  • good memory skills
  • professionalism

Sense of humour

If your children’s entertainer isn’t all that funny, your children and guests will simply get bored, or be un-interested. A sense of humour can help settle nervous hosts, and instantly draw children and guests into the show. So make sure that you hire  a professional who know how to be funny.

Flexibility and adaptability

A great children’s entertainer wont just plan their at based on the children’s ages, they will make changes and adapt on the spot, depending on the reaction and involvement of the children. And if the theme of the party has changed, a good entertainer will be able to adapt there and then, and make changes to the show to suit the audience. When entertaining children, you need to be on the ball and on your toes. You cant simply memorize a script.

Good memory skills

Being able to remember children’s names and faces after only being told once is something that every children’s entertainer needs to be able to do. Using their names doesn’t just help children feel involved in the show, it also gets their attention and keeps them interested.


Being a children’s entertainer requires a certain degree of professionalism too. You need to choose someone who is professional throughout your interactions, and also professional on the job.

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Advantages of circus skills parties

When it comes to children’s parties and entertainment, there is nothing better than a circus skills party. From learning new skills to growing in confidence, there are many advantages of circus skills parties. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, with a range of party packages to offer. This includes circus skills parties and workshops. And this is our guide to the advantages of circus skills parties.

Advantages of circus skills parties

Circus skills parties with Mr Stix are fun filled and action packed. And can be the perfect way for you child to celebrate their birthday, or for children’s entertainment at events or functions. But why choose circus skills over any other option? Well, some of the advantages of circus skills parties include:

  • learning new skills
  • confidence building
  • memorable party
  • fun and laughter

Learning new skills

Children might tell you they hate learning. Or more likely, they hate school. But learning circus tricks isn’t anything like school! So whether it’s juggling or plate spinning, children thoroughly enjoy learning these skills. And of course, demonstrating them to an audience. Now circus skills might not be useful life skills, but they do help:

  • build co-ordination
  • boost dexterity
  • improve listening skills
  • boost confidence

Confidence building

Learning something new is an opportunity for anyone, young or old, to grow in confidence. And this will be more apparent, the more enjoyable and fun the activity is. Circus skills parties give children a fun filled activity, jam packed with actions and involvement, and help them to grow in confidence while learning something new. And being able to show off to you, the care-giver, with a while host of new skills is definitely something to smile about.

Fun filled

Circus skills parties are packed with fun. From jaw dropping demonstrations and showmanship, to the fun of learning something new, a circus skill party will keep all your guests involved, engaged and having fun. Creating long term, lasting memories.

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Children’s entertainment options for weddings

Throwing a big celebration for your wedding involves inviting all your family and friends. But what do you do about the children? Well, while some people might decide not to invite them altogether, or others only participate in the ceremony, it’s not always an option. And you might have your own children to think about too. So if children are to be part of your big day, how can you keep them entertained? Well, MR Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer. And here are some children’s entertainment options for weddings.

During the service

If you will have children in the audience, that are not participating in the service, you could:

  • provide disposable cameras for the children to take snaps throughout the cermony
  • create a check list of things for them to spot during the service
  • provide small puzzles or colouring books for younger children

During the celebrations

If you’re having an evening or night function, it can be a great idea to hire a children’s entertainer. For packages such as family entertainment games, or simply a children’s show, MR Stix can provide a range of options to suit your individual needs.

If you would rather keep the children busy, without taking over the stage, MR Stix can also provide tailored workshop packages. These include, balloon modelling, and circus skills. And it means your children, and young guests, can be happy and occupied, while learning something new too.

Children’s zone

And for some down time, why not set up a children’s zone. With a couple of charging points for mobiles, tablets and handheld consoles, children can chill out and have their fill of digital time. Colouring books, puzzles, and LEGO can also be a great idea. Especially if you are limiting screen time.

For more information or to book children’s entertainment for your wedding, get in touch with MR Stix today.

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Advantages of hiring a children’s magician

If your child’s party is coming up, and you’re stuck for entertainment ideas, why not think about hiring a children’s magician? Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, and can provide magical entertainment for children of a range of ages. But is children’s magic still popular? And what are the advantages of hiring a children’s magician?

Advantages of hiring a children’s magician

Children’s magic is a very specific type of magic, storytelling, and entertainment combined into an incredible, captivating show. And it never fails to amaze and inspire the youngsters. In fact, there are a number of advantages of hiring a children’s magician. And these include:

  • making a memorable day
  • hassle free entertainment
  • age appropriate entertainment

Making a memorable day

Magic shows can be incredibly memorable and captivating for children of all ages. As long as you hire the right entertainer. Blending magic and illusion tricks, with comedy, music, storytelling, and audience involvement is a great way to make sure that your child’s birthday party is every bit as special as they deserve.

Hassle free entertainment

Hiring a professional children’s entertainer means that you can enjoy the party too. So why not put your feet up and join in? Or have a cuppa and chill out with the other parents. A professional will keep all your audience captivated, so that you are free to relax and unwind. Or prepare the party food…

Age appropriate entertainment

Another of the advantages of hiring a children’s magician, is that you will get age appropriate children’s entertainment. Here at Mr Stix, we cater for a range of ages. From pre-school and nursery age children, to pre-teens, we have different options to tailor specifically for different age ranges. And this helps make sure that the audience is engaged and involved throughout. Without getting bored at a party too childish!

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Summer party ideas for your child’s birthday party

Do you have a summer baby? Planning a party for your child during the summer holidays can be a difficult task. With friends and family members going off for their holidays, it can be difficult to get everyone in one place. And once you have secured a date for the party, you then have the pressure of planning a fun filled party. Well, here at Mr Stix, we can help you with that. This is our guide to summer party ideas for your child’s birthday party.

Go outside

Why not hit the beach or the park, or even your garden if it’s large enough? With some cricket, football and rounders games on offer, the children and the adults will be enjoying themselves and showing off their competitive side. Don’t forget to bring the cool-bag full of ice-lollies and nice cold drinks. Or the suncream!

Sports and summer games might not be your child’s cup of tea, but you could still enjoy the great outdoors with craft activities or nature walks. There is plenty to choose from in the great outdoors.

You can even have a BBQ party if you have enough space, and the weather is nice enough.

Make a back up plan

If it’s raining or cold where you are, you might want to plan a bad weather party. Why not hire a hall and play the same games in there, with soft balls only of course! Or if summer sports aren’t really the ticket, a disco or children’s entertainer could be a great option. Why not plan the party for the evening, to make it extra special now that schools out and the light nights are in?

For more information or advice about planning a summer party, our entertainment options, or summer party ideas, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

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Advantages of puppet parties for under 5’s

When it comes to children’s entertainment, puppets have long been a successful and well enjoyed option. Just look at Punch and Judy and the success it enjoyed in the Victorian era. Thankfully, puppets have come a long way since then. And so has the storytelling. But why choose a puppet party for your children’s birthday party? Well, as an award winning children’s entertainer, Mr Stix has produced this guide to the advantages of puppet parties for under 5’s.

Advantages of puppet parties for under 5’s

Puppets can be a fantastic medium for children’s parties. Especially for the under 5’s, and the preschool age children. But what are the advantages? Well there are several, including:

  • Storytelling- puppet parties are based on storytelling, and this is a great way to reach the children at their level.
  • Audience participation- Once the story has got going, it’s essential for the children to join in, and direct the story
  • Imagination- watching a puppet show develops imagination.


Children love stories. Not every child will enjoy reading, but you can bet they will enjoy a bedtime story. Or even a story at nursery or pre-school. So using storytelling as the form of entertainment for young children helps them to feel safe and secure. They have already learnt that stories are fun and interesting. And they enjoy becoming part of it.

Using storytelling with puppets, for this age group, is a great way to help improve listening skills, language and literacy skills, and imagination.

Audience participation

To keep the children on their toes, puppet parties involve a lot of audience participation. From joining in with repeated choruses, to determining what should happen next, the children have an active say in the story, and really get involved. And this all adds to the fun and enjoyment of a puppet party.

For more information, or to find out more about entertainment packages for under 5’s, get in touch with Mr Stix today.

Tips for planning a disco party

All children love a good disco party. The dark lighting, and the loud music make for an exciting party for children across a wide range of age groups. And it is an easy way to throw a party that both boys and girls will love. Here at Mr Stix, we provide top quality children’s entertainment to parties across the North West, from Carnforth to Southport.  And this includes disco parties. As a result, we have produced these tips for planning a disco party.

Tips for planning a disco party

To make sure you disco runs smoothly, you should:

  • pre-plan the music playlist so that it is all age appropriate and is full of songs that your child, and their friends, know and love
  • plan the food- children will run out of steam at a disco if food is not provided. Depending on the age of the children, a buffet lunch system could be a good idea so they can snack when they need to. And dance when they don’t.
  • consider a theme- some disco parties don’t need a theme to hold them together. But others do. So why not invite all your guests to dress up for the theme, or simply decorate your venue in an appropriate way?
  • hire an entertainer

Children’s entertainment for disco’s

Hiring an entertainer for your children’s disco is a good way to keep the party flowing. A children’s entertainer can run age appropriate party games and activities that will have all your guests involved, participating and enjoying themselves.

For more information about your children’s disco, or to book professional children’s entertainment, from an award winning children’s entertainer, look no further. Get in touch with Mr Stix today. For children’s parties across Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire.

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Children’s birthday parties boost confidence

Planning and organizing your child’s party is a high stakes affair. From the food, to the entertainment, and even the venue, your choices need to be perfect. In fact, it can feel particularly overwhelming! But we are sure you’ll agree, that all the hassle is worth it. Not only will your child have a fantastic and memorable day, but they will also grow and develop new skills too. In fact, throwing a birthday party for your child can really boost their confidence and self esteem. Here at Mr Stix, we have produced this guide to inform you of how children’s birthday parties boost confidence,

New experiences

During a birthday party, children get the opportunity to try new things, meet new people and take part in activities they might not have tried. Like balloon modelling or trampolining. Mastering new skills, and trying out new things can do wonders for your child’s self esteem and confidence. And can really help them begin to believe in themselves.

Star of the show

At their own party, all eyes are on them. And with all their friends singing to them, and being there for them, children can really feel a boost. That’s why the children’s party option, here at Mr Stix, can be tailored to make the birthday boy or girl become the star of the show! Even if your child is shy, they will be able to participate as much, or as little, as they would like. Which means that they can control the situation, and feel safe.


Children often value themselves based on their friendships with others. Children with fewer friends, often feel less self confident, and have lower self esteem. A birthday party is a great way to show children how much they are loved by all their family, as well as their friends. And it can also be a great opportunity to make more friends.

To book an award winning children’s entertainer for your children’s party across the North West or Merseyside, get in touch with Mr Stix today.