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Predicted children’s party trends for 2019

So now we have looked back at the popular trends of 2018, it’s time to consider what the future has in store. While we can’t predict the future as a whole, Mr Stix has a great understanding of children’s parties and events, as well as insider knowledge. And this is his guide to the predicted children’s party trends for 2019.

Predicted children’s party trends for 2019

So what type of children’s party will be popular in 2019? And what kind of theme or style can we expect? Well, here are some top predictions:

  • Llama parties
  • Jungle themed parties
  • Frozen parties (all over again!)

Llama parties

Yep it’s true! While unicorns have been stealing the show all year, next year it’s time to think about a real life wonder. The Llama. At least you can take your children to see this one! Llamas will be big in 2019, from clothing to homeware, and a lot of this will be aimed at children. So if you want to keep up to date with party trends, 2019 will be all about the Llama.

Jungle themed parties

Disney has a lot to answer for when it comes to leaving parents penniless and children overexcited. And 2019 is due to see the release of the new adaptation of Dumbo. With the Netflix movie Mowgli just recently released too, it’s likely that the jungle theme will last throughout the year.

Frozen parties

Just as you thought Frozen fever was over, they are now releasing Frozen 2! Due to hit cinemas in 2019, it’s bound to be packed with memorable songs and characters that your children will fall in love with all over again. Like we said, Disney has a lot to answer for! So for 2019, Frozen parties may well be high on the agenda.

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