Children’s Entertainer Ormskirk – UK’s Entertainer Of the Year.

Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer Ormskirk, and is the perfect choice for parties and events across the North West. With laughter, fun and a whole variety of  routines and shows for all ages, Mr Stix has just what you need.

The Holiday Show

A jam packed 45 minutes filled with laughter, music, magic, dancing and comedy, this Holiday Show is top quality. Your whole audience will enjoy what this show has to offer, and they will be engaged and entertained throughout the 45 minutes. And Mr Stix will be joined by his assistant Peanut as part of this show, for twice the laughter and twice the fun!

1 Hour Party

Great for birthday parties and a whole range of occasions and other events like weddings and Christenings, the 1 hour party is great entertainment. Filled with magic, comedy, illusion, music, dancing and audience involvement, this show is a great way to keep your young guests engaged and involved. And if you do have a special celebrant in mind, it can be arranged for them to become the star of the show. This will make their day even more magical!

2 Hour Party

For a longer party or event, the specially designed 2 hour party could be perfect. With this package, a break can be taken in the middle to allow time for party food or cake, or it can run as a continuous show. Whichever you decide on, this show will bring laughter and fun to your audience. With illusion, balloon modelling, magic, comedy, music and dancing, and of course, audience participation, the 2 hour party will keep your guests engaged and active throughout.

Balloon Modelling

Balloon modelling is a great way to surprise and delight your guests. With Mr Stix’s fantastic balloon modelling skills, any balloon model can be created, and the children will be mesmerized. Balloon modelling can be added to any of the party options, just ask. And, if you want to book a balloon modelling workshop, this can also be arranged. Just ask.