Children’s Entertainer Warrington – UK’s Entertainer of the Year

Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer Warrington. And he is the perfect entertainment choice for events, children’s parties, and celebrations across the North West .

The Holiday Show

Fast paced and packed full of laughter,  the 45 minutes to 1 hour Holiday Show is suitable for the whole family. Filled with music and comedy, magic and illusions,  mayhem and audience participation, your guests will be laughing  and engaged from beginning to end. Featuring MR Stix and Peanut, for double the hilarity, the Holiday Show offers a whole world of fun.

1 Hour Party

For large family celebrations, or a low key birthday, the 1 hour package is a fantastic option. Perfect for both large and small groups. This 1 Hour Party will include comedy, music, magic and illusion, not to mention audience participation. So your guests will be joining in and having fun for the whole show. And for birthdays and other special occasions, we can ensure that the birthday boy or girl takes the centre spotlight, to become the star.

2 Hour Party

The 2 Hour Party is all about doubling the fun and laughter, for double the time. In fact, the 2 Hour Party Package aims to take care of all your entertainment needs during a children’s party or event.  So that your guests will be joining in and laughing, for the whole time. In fact, our 2 Hour Party can even be split into two sections, with a break in the middle, perfect for party food. With music, magic, comedy and balloon modelling, as well as audience participation, music and dancing, the 2 Hour Party will keep all your young guests on their toes.

Balloon Modelling

You can also add a balloon modelling package to any of the above party packages, just ask. Balloon modelling is incredibly popular with a young audience and can captivate their imagination and attention. Mr Stix has incredible balloon modelling skills, creating the whole range of balloon animals and surprises at high speed. Guaranteed to amaze and wow your guests, balloon modelling is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events, as well as large and small event. And if you’re interested in learning how to create balloon models, you can even book balloon modelling workshops!