Children’s Entertainer St Helens – Uk’s Entertainer of the Year.

For fantastic children’s entertainment across St Helens and Merseyside, look no further. Mr Stix is an award winning, professional children’s entertainer. The perfect choice for any children’s party, occasion or event.

The Holiday Show

At 45 minutes long, the Holiday Show is packed full of mischief and mayhem as Mr Stix pairs up with Peanut (his assistant) to deliver a comedy routine that will have your whole audience in laughter. Music, magic, illusion, comedy, dancing and of course, audience participation all play a big part in this show, and it will keep all your young guests involved and engaged. The perfect package for small or large groups, and for children of all ages, this show is a great family option.

1 Hour Party

The 1 Hour Party is a fantastic children’s entertainment option. Filled with music, dancing, magic, illusion, comedy and audience involvement, this 1 hour party is perfect for birthdays and other family events, and your young guests will be thoroughly captivated. All your guests will have a magical and memorable party that will keep them laughing and on their toes throughout. In fact, if you have a special celebrant in mind, we can even tailor the show so that they will become the star!

2 Hour Party

When an hour of entertainment isn’t long enough, the 2 hour party can be the perfect option. In fact, this can even be delivered in two separate half’s, with a break in the middle for party food or cake. Perfect for birthday parties, or any other family event, the 2 hour party promises 2 hours of fun, laughter and top notch entertainment. With music, magic and comedy on offer, your guests will thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Balloon Modelling

Available as an add in option for any of the above party options, balloon modelling can be a great way to amaze and astound your young audience. Mr Stix can produce all manner of balloon model creations, and children love watching these come to life. Perfect for outdoor events, as well as indoor events, large or small, balloon modelling can really make your event stand out. And if you have youngsters that are interested in learning about balloon modelling, you can even book a balloon modelling workshop too.