Top tips for a perfect Princess party

A timeless theme, children have been pretending to be Princes and Princesses for decades. Especially in connection to Disney characters. And this makes for a simple and straightforward party theme. And with so many different Disney Princesses now, there is something for all children to enjoy. But as this is a popular theme, it might be a challenge to make your party stand out from the crowd. So how can you make sure your Princess party goes off without a hitch? Well, these are our top tips for a perfect Princess party.

Top tips for a perfect Princess party:

  1. Cater for the boys too- Unless your child only wants to invite the girls to the party, there will no doubt be some boys around. Even if it’s a brother, cousin or family member. And while some boys will enjoy a Princess theme as much as anyone, others will not. So plan some great games or entertainment that will keep the little Princes involved too.
  2. You can’t use enough glitter- Princesses, wouldn’t be Princesses, without all that sparkle and glam. Glitter tattoos and glittery face paint can really make your party shine. And throwing in some glittery decorations is also a great idea.
  3. Princesses are tough- Princesses come in all shapes and sizes. And Disney Princesses are certainly a lot tougher now than they used to be! So make sure you plan party games and entertainment that also help your little Princesses burn off some energy. From dance competitions to traditional party games, there are a lot of options. You can even tweak some traditional games to fit your Princess theme. Why not try Prince, Prince, Frog, instead of Duck Duck Goose? Or Queen’s Footsteps (like Grandma’s footsteps)?

Don’t forget the entertainment!

Princesses and their companions are always going off on adventures. So why not hire an entertainer who can take your group of Princes and Princesses on a fun and entertaining quest filled with music, dancing, laughter, comedy, and most importantly, audience involvement? The 1 or 2 hour party package from Mr Stix could provide all this and more!

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