Planning a children’s Christmas party

It’s the time of year when schools, nurseries, children’s clubs, community centres and parents are all thinking about the children’s Christmas party or event. And planning and preparation is key if your event is to be a success. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, providing fun and laughter to children’s parties and event across Lancashire, Merseyside, and Manchester. And children’s Christmas entertainment is a specialty. As a result, he has produced this guide to planning a children’s Christmas party.

Planning a children’s Christmas party

There are a number of things to consider when planning a children’s Christmas party. And these include:

  • the age range of guests
  • the party food
  • the entertainment

The age range of guests

Depending on the amount of children you are expecting for your Christmas event, you might want to separate them by age range. Providing two separate events for children of different ages can be a good idea, if you want to keep all your guests involved and engaged with the activities. This is because children that are too young will not be able to follow the entertainment and games for older children. And older children will be bored by that for the younger children.

The party food

Most children’s events or parties include food. And Christmas themed events are no different. For Christmas parties, you could create themed treats including:

  • snowman lollies- these can be created using two marshmallows, pushed onto a lolly-stick. Then simply decorate them to look like snowmen
  • reindeer cakes- decorate your cupcakes to look like reindeer!
  • Christmas cookies- cut your biscuits into Christmas shapes

The entertainment

No good event is complete without children’s entertainment. And Christmas parties are no different. Mr Stix can provide top quality games, fun, comedy, music, dancing, magic and illusion for children of all ages. Guaranteed to get everyone involved, and into the Christmas spirit.

For more information or to book, get in touch with Mr Stix today.