Halloween party food ideas for children

Providing top quality children’s entertainment across the North West, from Preston to Southport, Mr Stix is an award wining children’s entertainer. And the perfect choice for children’s parties and events. With Halloween on the horizon, children will be inviting their friends to the biggest party of the season. Costumes, party games and entertainment, decorations and party food are the key ingredients to any successful party. Especially a Halloween party. As a result, we have produced this guide to Halloween party food ideas for children.

Halloween party food ideas

Halloween party food should try and follow the party theme of spooktacular tricks and treats. Some ideas for great children’s Halloween party food include:

  • Witches finger sandwiches- it wouldn’t be Halloween without a witch or two. But how about some witches finger sandwiches? These can be made with gluten free bread, and vegan contents too, so that all your guests can enjoy. Simply make your sandwiches up as you usually would. Then cut them into long, 5cm wide strips. Cut one end into a triangular point, just like a nail. And if you’re really feeling brave, you can add a blob of red food colouring onto the triangle! Spooky!
  • Eyeball cake pops- the perfect treat, and the perfect amount of spooky, these eyeball cake pops are simply your usual cake pops, decorated to look like an eyeball. Perfect for your little monsters.
  • Spider pizzas- Spider pizza’s are a fun way to make sure your young guests eat their dinner, and don’t just snack on creepy cakes and biscuits. Simply arrange some sliced peppers on top of the pizza to look like a giant spider! Of course, the children can pick of the spider if they don’t like pepper, but the pizza will still be appreciated. You can easily make this suitable for children with allergies and dietary requirements too.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without the candy, the pumpkin, sweet apples, and the decorated biscuits too. So don’t forget to include those too.

For top quality children’s entertainment, from an award winning children’s entertainer, get in touch with Mr Stix today.