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Children’s party theme ideas

Planning the perfect party for your child can take a lot of thought. From the venue and the food, to the entertainment and the theme, there are a range of choices to make. Choosing a theme for your party first, is one of the easiest ways to navigate the rest of decisions you will have to make.  This is because, ideally, you will want to tailor the food, and the decorations, to the theme of your party. But choosing a theme is no simple task. And here at Mr Stix, we have produced this guide to children’s party theme ideas.

Children’s party theme ideas

So if you want your children’s party to be a success, you need to plan your theme. Here our our top children’s party theme ideas:

  • Interests- A good place to start is generally with your child’s interests or passions. What are they really into at the moment? And would a party themed on this be suitable?
  • Traditional- You could also go for a more traditional route. Princess parties have been popular for decades, and still get the same amount of attention now. Pirates is another traditional option, and is perhaps more inclusive for both genders to get involved.
  • Supernatural- Superhero parties are a great idea for children of both genders. And with plenty of costumers available, it should be simple enough for all your guests to come dressed up
  • Fantasy- Unicorns and dragons can be really fascinating for children. And planning your children’s party around these fantasy ideas can be a great idea. From cardboard cut outs, to food ideas, there are a range of resources available for amazing fantasy parties.
  • Magic- Make your child’s special day magical, with a magic themed party. Don’t forget to book a good magician to provide age appropriate magical entertainment.

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