Hosting a Halloween Disco

Whether it’s your child’s birthday, or you are a volunteer or teacher hosting a Halloween disco, you might be in need of some ideas. That’s what we are here for, here at Mr Stix. As an award winning children’s entertainer, Mr Stix works across the North West to deliver a range of entertainment packages. And this includes Halloween themed entertainment. And this is our guide to hosting a Halloween disco.

Hosting a Halloween Disco

Hosting a Halloween disco can, in some respects, be easier than hosting just a regular disco. For any age range. And this is because the shops and the media are both full of ideas, and decorations, that can help your disco be brilliant. You should think about:

  • The music
  • Party games

The music

At any disco, the music takes centre stage. And for a Halloween party, you can use this to your advantage. Not all of your playlist has to be Halloween related, but throwing in a themed song every now and again will definitely help keep the children interested. Consider popular songs like the Monster Mash, Thriller and Ghost Busters.

Party games

Give popular party games a spooky twist by renaming them. There are a whole range of games you can try, including:

  • Monster Statues (musical statues)
  • Truth or scare (truth or dare)
  • Zombie tag (just like regular tag, except the people who are “it” need to act like zombies)

And you can even host a dancing contest, where the children need to dance like their favourite monsters to win the prize.

Hiring an entertainer

If you really want your Halloween party to be spooktacular, you might want to consider hiring a professional children’s entertainer. As such, Mr Stix can provide either one hour, or two hours, of fun and spooky children’s entertainment. Tailored to the age range of the children invited, and guaranteed to get all your guest joining in, Mr Stix can make your Halloween disco really stand out.