Children’s entertainment options for older children

When it comes to your child’s birthday party, it is essential you get it right. From the decorations, to the party food, not to mention the entertainment, parents and carers really feel the birthday pressure. And when your child gets older, it can be even more difficult. You need to strike a balance between what is enjoyable, and what is babyish. Finding age appropriate entertainment can be a challenge. But here at Mr Stix, it is something we excel at. As a result, we have produced this guide to children’s entertainment options for older children.


In that awkward stage between being a child and being a teenager, lots of children choose a disco style party. But for some, it’s not simply enough to put the music on and leave them to dance. Some form of party games or leadership is required. But when most party games feel babyish, what can you do? Well, forget about the pass the parcel and the musical chairs, you need to push the boundaries with your disco games. Some examples include:

  • Dance Factor style dancing competition
  • Musical dares- just like musical bumps but the slowest has to complete a dare, set by the party leader. This is great because the dares can be set to the age level of the children and it makes for some hilarious results.
  • Wink murder
  • Musical twister

Illusion shows

Once children get to a certain age, they are no longer interested in “rabbit in the hat” style magic shows. But they love Dynamo style illusion magic with card tricks and magic that really stands out to adults and children alike. Finding a good children’s entertainer that can perform this style of illusion, and also help the older children learn how to perform some simple illusion tricks can be a great way to spend a birthday party. Not only will both boys and girls love testing out their skills on each other, they will also be fascinated by the illusions on show.

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