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Children’s entertainment supports development

When it comes to your child’s birthday party, or your family event, you’re probably focused on the entertainment value. Just how will you keep so many children happy? But did you know that hiring a children’s entertainer can also support child development? So with an expert like Mr Stix, you won’t just get a whole host of fun and laughter, you’ll also give your child an educational boost. Without them even realizing. As a result, we have produced this guide to show how exactly children’s entertainment supports development.

Language skills

From birth, children are able to understand the sounds around them and distinguish between different types of sounds. Talking and singing can help your child develop their listening skills, not to mention their speech and vocabulary. So if you want to host an under 4’s party, Mr Stix’s show will feature lots of signing and storytelling. And this will not only keep them engaged and happy, but it will help their development too!

But what about the older children? Well, believe it or not, children’s entertainment can still effect language development at an older age. Whenever children experience something new or exciting, they always want to tell you all about it. And this reciting of events helps to boost their vocabulary and improves their storytelling skills, which can even help with their writing development. Birthday parties or events are the perfect way to provide this excitement.


Children love dancing and nursery rhymes. But have you ever noticed how children’s dancing games and nursery rhymes take a certain amount of co-ordination? Even heads, shoulders, knees and toes is a game that relies on the child being aware of their own body space. So for any under 4s party, you can expect that a good children’s entertainer will be using these songs and rhymes to encourage the children to join in. And in doings so, your children will develop their co-ordination skills further. Especially when there is a lot of dancing to be done!

For older children, dancing and games are a great chance to take this further and practice their control movements. Just look at musical bumps and musical statues. On top of this, Mr Stix can offer balloon modelling workshops, which is an opportunity to develop a whole host of new skills.

For more information or to book your own children’s party, get in touch today, here at Mr Stix.