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Birthday parties and children’s entertainers- the advantages for parents and guardians

When it comes to your child’s birthday, you no doubt want to make it as magical and special as possible. That’s why many parents and guardians decide to throw a birthday party. But choosing what form your child’s birthday party should take is a challenge. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, working across the North West, to provide fun and laughter to families and events. Especially birthday parties. As a result, we have produced this guide to birthday parties and children’s entertainers- the advantages for parents and guardians.


The first advantage of hiring a children’s entertainer is that you know you will get a professional. That means that party games, and fun filled entertainment will be both appropriate for your child and their friends, and will keep them entertained. At DIY parties, many parents struggle to keep the children entertained and happy. A professional entertainer wont have any problems at all.

Fun and Friendly

Children’s entertainers are fun and friendly. So your children will have a great time being involved in a magic or puppet show, or being entertained with comedy sketches. Whichever children’s entertainer you hire, you should get an entertaining service.

For parents and guardians this means that you can have chance to relax and enjoy your child’s party, with the other parents. Something that would never happen at a DIY children’s party.


Finally, every parent wants their child’s party to be exciting. And what could be more exciting than seeing something completely new? Whether its balloon modelling or a great entertainment show, being part of something new is exciting and memorable for your children. So you know they wont forget their birthday party.

To hire a professional children’s entertainer for your child’s party, get in touch with the experts today, here at Mr Stix.