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Planning a themed children’s party

As an award winning children’s entertainer, Mr Stix and the team attend a lot of children’s birthday parties. From tiny tots, to almost teens, we cover all age ranges. One party element that has been rising in popularity over recent years is the themed birthday party. But what is a themed birthday party? And how do you begin planning a themed children’s party? Well, here at Mr Stix, we’re here to help.

What is a themed birthday party?

A themed children’s party is one where all aspects of the party are planned around the theme. From the decorations to the party food, and even the party games, the whole party is planned around one theme. In fact, in some cases, the invited children and parents will be informed of the theme when invited, and the children may have to attend in fancy dress.

Planning a children’s party around a particular theme can make it easier for parents to make sure that their child has a birthday celebration that is geared around their interests. This will make it even more special. But what steps are involved in the planning?

Planning a themed children’s party

When it comes to planning a themed children’s party, you need to start by deciding on a theme.

One of the first things to consider is the gender balance of the guest list. Is your child going to be inviting boys and girls? Or just one gender? This is an important question, because a princesses party might not be inclusive to the boys you are inviting. So you might have to stretch the theme. Superheroes and Princess, and Pirates and Princesses are just two of the themed parties we have attended.

Once your theme is determined, you can purchase decorations to show off the theme. This is one of the most exciting parts for your little one to join in with, but some parents prefer to keep it as a surprise for the big day. Cardboard cutouts, table decorations, and even themed balloons can all help tie your themed party together.

Party food can also be themed, especially with things like mini pizzas that can be cut to shape, and biscuits and cakes that can be decorated in line with the theme.

Once you have planned your themed party, it;s time to book the entertainment. Make sure the entertainer knows the theme in advance, as some parts of the routine or show can be tweaked to fit. Why not get in touch with Mr Stix today to find out more?