3 ingredients for the perfect children’s Halloween party

Halloween has finally arrived. And it’s just as spooktastic as ever. If you’re thinking of a running a Halloween event this year, for children of all ages, there is a specific ingredients list you should know about. Especially if you want to make the party memorable and successful. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer and this is his guide to the 3 ingredients for the perfect children’s Halloween party.

3 ingredients for the perfect children’s Halloween party

3 is the magic number. And when it comes to Halloween parties and events, it’s an essential. So what are these three essential ingredients?

  1. Terrifying decorations
  2. Petrifying party food
  3. Supernatural children’s entertainment

Terrifying decorations

The first ingredient on the list is the decorations. That’s because, before your guests arrive, your venue needs to get in to the Halloween spirit! From ghosts and ghouls, to witches, wizards, bats and spiders, you need to transform your space into a truly terrifying nightmare. OR not quite so terrifying, depending on the age of the children! You don’t want to send them home in tears after all.

So, try decorating your venue with age appropriate Halloween themed decorations. And make sure it will be a stunning backdrop for fantastic Halloween party.

Petrifying party food

Little boys might be made from slugs and snails, and puppy dogs tails. But did you know they like to eat them too? OK not seriously, but you can certainly style your party food on the gross side of scary. Dismembered fingers, eyeballs, snot, goo and monsters are all perfect choices for a children’s Halloween event. In fact, the more gruesome, the better!

Supernatural children’s entertainment

The final ingredient is the entertainment. Your guests need to be engaged, interested and joining in throughout the evening. So why not hire a professional, like Mr Stix, to really bring your party to life?