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Children’s entertainment ideas for pre-school children

Pre-school children are often overlooked when it comes to children’s parties and entertainment. But not by Mr Stix. In fact, Mr Stix can offer a range of entertainment designed specifically for the under 5 age category. This means that the children won’t be bored by activities they don’t understand. And will instead be captivated by the magic and entertainment. As a result, we have produced this guide to children’s entertainment ideas for pre-school children.

Children’s entertainment ideas for pre-school children

Entertaining children of different age groups requires totally different skills, and a completely remodeled approach. Children under 5 are more likely to be scared of new experiences, when compared to older children. And this means that children’s entertainment can be daunting. As a result, any entertainment options, need to be tailored for this specific age range. Just like The Under 4’s Show, by Mr Stix. And this can include:

  • songs and actions- pre-school children love to join in with songs and actions. And they are always open to learning a new one. By using songs and actions throughout the entertainment, the pre-school children will become confident to join in, and enjoy the activity.
  • magic- while some illusion tricks might be too confusing for under 5’s, they still love magic. Soft and warm magic shows that can amaze and astound the youngsters is the best way to go for a magic show. And if you can encourage them to join in with the spells and the actions, even better.
  • balloon modelling- children of all ages love balloon modelling. There is an anticipation of what exactly will be created, that keeps them engaged in the activity. And with great showmanship, it can become a really entertaining part of the show.

For more information about entertainment for this age range, or to book, get in touch with Mr Stix today.