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Planning a superhero party

Who doesn’t love a superhero? From Batman and Wonder Woman, to Thor and Iron Man, children love to pretend to be their favourite superhero. Especially since Disney bought the Marvel empire, and a whole range of children’s cartoons have been released. Boys and girls love the superhero world, and a themed birthday party can be a great idea. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, and he has a huge range of experience with children’s parties in a variety of themes. Including superheroes. As a result, he has produced this guide to planning a superhero party.

Planning a superhero party

When planning any children’s party, you should consider:

  • costumes- for a superhero party, you need a lot of superheroes. And dressing up as their favourite character can be a exciting for the children attending your party. Make sure that you clearly state the theme and need for a costume on the invitations. So all your guests have plenty of time to prepare.
  • food- every party needs food. And even superheroes eat. So prepare some superhero themed snacks for your hungry heroes. There are plenty of sweet and chocolate options commercially available, with superhero’s on the front. And for actual food, sandwiches and pizza are always popular. Just make sure that you know of any allergies or intolerance’s before the party, so you can cater for all your guests.
  • entertainment- every party needs entertainment. From music and party games, to a full on children’s entertainment show, your options are endless. But to really make sure your party is a success, why not hire a professional? Mr Stix can offer a range of party packages, that can be tailored to suit your theme. Including superheroes. And he can also make sure that your child becomes the star of the show. What better way to make your child’s day magical?

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