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September birthday parties

If your child’s birthday is due not long after they return to school this September, you might be wondering what to do for their party. While it can be tricky to organise at such short notice, September birthdays can also be one of the most well attended. The nights are still light, and children are thrilled to be back with their friends. Which means they are more likely to want to attend. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, providing fun and laughter to parties and children’s events across the North West. And this is his guide to September birthday parties.

September birthday parties

For your September birthday party to be a success, you should consider:

  • sending out preliminary invites now, before school starts. A quick text or Facebook message to a group of parents can be enough to make them aware of your upcoming event, and circle the date on the calendar. This is usually more effective than only sending out the invites on the first day of term.
  • send out the actual invitations on the first day back. The earlier you can send out the paper invitations, the more responses, and attendees, you are likely to get. If you have a dress code, like fancy dress, for your party, make sure you state it clearly on the invite. So that the parents have enough time to whip a costume together.
  • plan your party for a weekend. This is because September can be a stressful time of year for many parents. Juggling the schedule of a new school term (after school clubs often switch days or haven’t started yet) with the demands of working. This means that after school parties can be a bit too much to ask.
  • book your entertainment! Mr Stix can offer 1 or 2 hour party packages that can be tailored to your needs and requirements,

For more information, or to book, get in touch with Mr Stix today!