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Hosting a magic themed children’s party

Magic has always captured the imaginations and the hearts of children. From Disney films, to Harry Potter, children love magic. And this means that magic itself can be the perfect theme for any children’s party. Especially with the right children’s entertainment, like the team at Mr Stix. MR Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, and a fantastic illusionist and magician too. So, how do you begin when hosting a magic themed children’s party?

Hosting a magic themed children’s party

As with any other children’s party theme, you have to break it down into small steps. First of all, consider:

  • whether to turn your magical party into a costume party too. If so, you need to make sure that this goes out on the invitations in very clear writing.
  • how to decorate your location to fit your theme. Banners, balloons and table decorations can all help you celebrate the magical theme. And they can also make for great photo props to make your child’s party even more memorable.
  • hiring a magical children’s entertainer to complete the day

Children’s magician

Hiring a children’s magician can help to make sure your party is filled with laughter, fun and games. For young children, soft and silly magic can really make them laugh and surprise them. While for older children, illusion magic will really capture their attention and interest. If you really want to make your children’s party special, hiring a quality magician is the best idea. And it can really help you bring your theme to life.

Hiring an entertainer also means that you can prepare the party bags, the party food, or simply have a cup of tea with your friends.

So for children’s entertainment that can truly make your child’s special day memorable, get in touch with MR Stix today. Providing award winning children’s entertainment across the North West.