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Children’s magicians and birthday parties

Hiring a children’s magician has long been a popular form of children’s entertainment for parties and events. But why is magic so popular? And do children still enjoy it? Well, here at Mr Stix, we provide award winning children’s entertainment, including magic and illusion. And this is our guide to children’s magicians and birthday parties.

Age appropriate children’s magic

While fun magic and illusion, like rubber flowers with a hidden water pistol is perfect for the younger age range, older children will find this dull, patronizing, and childish. In the same way, card tricks and illusion will completely bore the younger age bracket, who won’t be entertained at all. That’s why, whenever you hire a children’s magician for a birthday party, you should make sure that their show is age appropriate, and will keep your youngsters engaged and happy.

Magic shows need to be fun and exciting

While some children’s entertainers might focus on the fun and fluffy side of children’s magic, others will jump straight in with more “street magic” kind of tricks. The best children’s magic will blend the two to keep all your young guests entertained and engaged throughout the process, and will use a range of techniques to make sure each child is playing an active part in the show. This means that a children’s magic show can be perfect for birthday parties, as the birthday celebrant can even become the star!

Children’s magicians and birthday parties

Children’s magicians can be the perfect form of entertainment for birthday parties, as long as your entertainer is age appropriate. In fact magic can:

  • be incredibly exciting for children and really capture their imagination, making their special day a lasting memory
  • be a great way to bring all the children together to enjoy a show and join in with something, even the most reluctant of children
  • be a learning experience and a way for children to develop a new interest

For more information, or to book an incredible and talented children’s magician, get in touch with Mr Stix today.