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Theme ideas for children’s birthday parties

Is your child’s birthday looming on the horizon? Do you have no idea what to organise for them? Well, choosing a party theme can really help to get your plans underway. Usually you can choose a theme based on your child’s latest interest, or current passion. But if you are struggling for ideas, here at Mr Stix, we have put together some theme ideas that can be a great place to start.

Theme ideas for children’s birthday parties

Themed parties are great for parents as it means you know exactly what kind of supplies you need when it comes to:

  • decorations
  • party bags
  • and even party food

Some great theme ideas we have witnessed include:

  • Princesses and pirates- Some of the most popular children’s fancy dress options include princess dresses and pirate costumes. They are also really easy for parents to get hold of at last minute. And whichever category your child fits into, they will have a fantastic day dressed up in costume and acting the part. Whether it’s a princess dress, or a pirate costume, there’s room for everyone in this kind of themed party.
  • Super heroes- With the popularity of marvel avengers films booming, there has never been a better time to throw a super hero party. And with roles for both boys and girls, nobody has to feel left out. There is also an abundance of party decorations and supplies based around this theme, so it will be easy to cater for!
  • Jungle theme- For younger children, a jungle theme can be a great idea. Again this is perfect for both boys and girls, so all of your child’s friends can be invited.
  • Magic- a magic themed birthday can be truly, well, magical! Whether it’s Harry Potter or Dynamo, magic is a fantastic way to capture the imagination and celebrate something your child is interested in. In fact, you could even hire a professional like Mr Stix, to really knock their socks off.

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