Mr Stix balloon modelling

Balloon modelling and children’s parties

As a top quality children’s entertainer, Mr Stix is a balloon modelling expert. With all manner of critters and creatures to whip up, balloon modelling can be a fantastic addition to any child’s birthday party. But why is balloon modelling such a good idea for children’s parties? And what can you expect from a good children’s entertainer? Well, this is our guide to balloon modelling and children’s parties.

Any event in any place

Children’s parties and events range from a small gathering in a village hall, to a massive outdoor celebration. And finding children’s entertainment options that can keep all of the guests happy is a big ask. But balloon modelling comes close. Suitable for outdoor or indoor events, large or small, balloon modelling can be used to entertain children in small groups, one to one, or in large groups. This means that whatever you have planned balloon modelling could really make a big difference to your child’s birthday party.

Surprise and delight

Children of all ages are interested in balloon modelling. Watching someone create a familiar shape from a balloon with a few simple twists and turns is enough to keep them guessing. And the finished result will often surprise and delight. In fact, it is both fascinating to watch, and exciting from them to receive a balloon creation of their own. And with the option of leaving the birthday party with their own balloon model, children are more likely to remain engaged and interested.



If your children party has a set theme, the balloon creations can be tailored to match this theme. Inform us before hand and we will make sure that the children will be overjoyed with their balloon creations. No matter what theme, from aliens to princesses, balloon creations can be made to match.

To book a professional children’s entertainer, with balloon modelling skills, why not get in touch with Mr Stix today, and prepare to amaze your audience.