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Planning the supplies for your child’s birthday party

Organizing your child’s birthday party is never easy. From the theme, to the guest list, to the party food and entertainment, there seems to be a never ending stream of tasks to complete. And that doesn’t include the decorations and supplies you might need on the big day.  But what are the supplies you should be thinking about, and how can you use them? Well, as an award winning children’s entertainer, Mr Stix and the team have attended a huge amount of children’s birthday parties. And we have produced this guide to planning the supplies for your child’s birthday party.


The supplies for the party can be split into two categories: decorations and party favours or gifts. So when it comes to choosing supplies for the decorations, you should:

  • think about your theme- does your child want a superhero or a princess theme? Whichever theme they have selected, you need to find decorations to fit the theme. Even if these just fit with the colour scheme, i.e, red and blue for superheroes, and pink and purple for princesses.
  • think about the party space- will you use tables to sit down at? If so, you might want to think about table decorations. If not, you only need wall decorations or standing decorations. While you might decide to get both, you can narrow your options down by thinking about how you will organise the event space.
  • think about the age of your guests- parties for very young children might need a lot of bright colours and tactile decorations like balloons, windmills and ribbons. While parties for older children might only need a few balloons and banners.

Party favours

Many children like to give out (and receive) party bags or goody bags at a children’s party. But finding supplies for these can be a real challenge. You should consider:

  • the age of the children- while under 3’s need suitable party bags because of potential choking hazards, there is more scope for older children
  • think about your theme- themed party bags can be more expensive to produce, but they can really impress your guests.
  • sweets and treats
  • balloons- balloon models can be a great party gift for children of all ages. And here at Mr Stix, we offer a balloon modelling service that can be stand alone, or as part of a larger entertainment package.

For all your children’s entertainment needs, get in touch today, with Mr Stix.