Mr Stix balloon modelling

Children’s entertainers and balloon animals

Balloon modelling is a key part of what most children’s entertainers have to offer. And although there is an increasing amount of technology involved in growing up today, balloon modelling, and especially balloon animals are still a big hit. Here at Mr Stix, we provide children’s entertainment for parties and events across the region, from Lancaster to Liverpool. And balloon modelling is still a successful part of what we can offer. So why do children’s entertainers and balloon animals go hand in hand?

The element of surprise

To the untrained, no matter how many times you have seen a balloon animal be created you still won’t be able to guess what it will be until it’s finished. And it’s this fun and surprise that keeps children engaged and excited throughout the creation process. It is both fascinating and fun to watch a children’s entertainer produce a balloon animal. And the interest turns to delight when the product is finally completed and handed to an overjoyed child.


Because the children don’t know what the animal will be, the balloon modelling process captures their imagination. In fact, for some children the way that balloon animals are created is almost a magical experience.

Take away

Children get to take away the balloon animal with them from the party or event, so even if it’s not their party, they still get a little memento to enjoy. And when it’s as magical and unique as the balloon animal, the children are even more thrilled.


Balloon animals or models can be tailored to match the theme of your child’s party. Especially if you inform the children’s entertainer in advance. So whether its aliens or wands, unicorns or princesses, balloon models and animals can usually be tailored to match.

To book a professional children’s entertainer, with balloon modelling skills, why not get in touch with Mr Stix today, and prepare to amaze your audience.