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Children’s entertainment options for children’s parties

There’s no doubt about it, your children’s party is a big deal. They’ve probably attended a handful of birthday parties already this year, with more parties already scheduled, and more invites on the way. And as parents or carers, you’re probably feeling the pressure. After all, it’s not just your child you need to impress, it’s also the 20 or more other children, and their parents and family members. So when it comes to the children’s entertainment, it pays to get it right. Here at Mr Stix, we are children’s entertainers. And we understand all about the pressures parents and carers face. So this is our guide to children’s entertainment options for children’s parties.

Puppet Show

One of the ever popular forms of children’s entertainment is a puppet show. With practically every animal, or creature, available in puppet form, a good children’s entertainer will be able to fit their puppet routine into your birthday theme.

Watching the puppet come to life is great for children’s imaginations, and watching the story-line will be entertaining. But a puppet show alone can be boring for those too young to enjoy sitting and listening.


Another popular option is to hire a magician. With tricks and illusions to keep your young audience guessing, a children’s magician can be a great option. Especially if the magic is performed well, and mixed in with comedy and audience involvement.

However, not all children will be interested in a magician. It does take a good entertainer to keep children interested in a magic show.

All round entertainer

The best option for children’s entertainment is to hire an all round entertainer. Here at Mr Stix, we blend magic and illusion, with puppetry, music, dancing comedy and fun. There is always audience participation so that your audience don’t get bored, and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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