Mr Stix and Hand Dragon

Hiring a children’s magician

Mr Stix is an incredible and extra-ordinary children’s entertainer. Providing a whole host of magic and laughter to children across the region, from Lancaster to Wales, Mr Stix has won awards for his talents. Magic and illusion as well as comedy and music are always central to his entertainment shows. But is hiring a children’s magician a good idea? Well, this is our guide to the advantages of hiring a children’s magician.

Magic is incredibly exciting

While as adults, magic might not capture our imagination, for children it certainly does. Their gasps of wonder and amazement are generally the easiest way to tell that they are spellbound. Watching a magician is a great experience for children, and it really encourages creative thinking. While some of the children will believe in magic whole-heartedly, others will be curious and questioning how it really happened. And this is the beauty of magic for children, as whichever side they fall on, they will still be thinking about and talking about the magic for days. And they don’t have to believe it, to be fascinated. As a result, if you want to provide a birthday experience that will be memorable as well as fun, why not hire a children’s magician?

Magic Keeps Children Occupied

There’s no doubting that while the children are being entertained by the magician, the parents dont have to worry at all. A good children’s magician, like Mr Stix, will keep the audience captivated by wonder and surprise for the full duration of the show. And there will also be audience participation for the children to be involved as well. As a result, hiring a children’s magician means that you can sort out the food, or the party bags, without being hassled by the children. Or you can put your feet up and take an hour to chill out with the other parents.

Magic is an experience

Children can easily become interested in what they can get for their birthday presents, rather than the birthday itself. It’s the same with Christmas. Hiring a magician is a good way to help children learn that birthdays, and birthday parties, can provide experiences that can be far more rewarding than any gift. The interest and enthusiasm they will gain from a magic show can last a lifetime.

For more information, or to book an incredible and talented children’s magician, get in touch with Mr Stix today.