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Considerations for joint birthday parties for children

Children’s birthday parties can be some of the most special and memorable hours of their childhood. And if they have a best friend who shares their birthday, or even a twin, sibling or cousin, a joint birthday party can seem like a fantastic idea. Not only do you only need one party, but the children will be inviting most of the same friends anyway! As a true party expert, Mr Stix, has attended and entertained a whole host of joint birthday parties. From the successful, to the not so successful. These are some considerations for joint birthday parties for children.

Will a joint birthday party help you save money?

With a joint birthday party you only need to hire one venue and one entertainer. So on the surface, it looks very much like you will save money.

However, if the children do not have the same friendship group, you may need to invite double the children. This means double the food and double the party bags, as well as double the trouble.

In addition, if the two children are different, with very different interests, you may not be able to come up with a theme they can both agree on. As a result, you can end up with essentially two different parties going on in the same venue. And you might need to book two forms of children’s entertainment. This can increase the costs.

Make sure each child feels special

In a joint birthday party, it can be easy for one less confident child to feel overlooked. And at their birthday party, they definitely should be the centre of attention. So how will you make sure that both children are the stars of the party? Here are some good ideas we have seen in action:

  • special chairs at the buffet for the two birthday children
  • two lots of happy birthdays sung for the two children
  • two birthday cakes so each child has the joy of their cake being brought out to them
  • two present areas for the children so their presents arent all jumbled up


If you are having a joint birthday party, you should let your children’s entertainer know. Here at Mr Stix, we have developed a strategy for joint birthday parties that will help both children be the centre of attention, and make sure they are both equally happy. For more information or to book, get in touch today.