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Benefits Of Throwing A Children’s Party

When it comes to children’s parties, they can be a nightmare. A room full of children, expensive food and entertainment, and an over-excited birthday celebrant, can be something every parent dreads. No matter how well behaved your child is the rest of the time. But for all the stress, worry and sleepless nights, there are many benefits of throwing a children’s party, especially for your child. Here at Mr Stix, as an award winning children’s entertainer, we have attended more children’s parties than most. But having a birthday party isn’t just a fun way to celebrate getting a year older. Nor is it simply a rite of passage. There are some benefits too, including…


Interacting with children their own age is so important for social, emotional and communication development. Especially in younger children. A birthday party is one of the few occasions that children can interact with a wide range of their peers, outside of the structured nursery or school environment. As a result, it is a great place for them to start developing the skills they will need to become successful adults in the future.

New Experiences

For some children, going to a birthday party can open a whole new world of experiences. Whether you hire a bouncy castle, or a children’s entertainer, it can be the first time some of your little guests have experienced these things, including the birthday celebrant!


If your child is usually shy or reserved, their birthday party is the perfect place for them to become a little bit more confident. After all, everyone who is at the party is there to celebrate their birthday. This means that they will be a little bit bolder in their choices, and will have the confidence to enjoy all the new and exciting things a birthday party can offer. This can help them to continue making more progress in the future.

Lasting impression

Finally, a good birthday party can be something that your child will remember forever. A time when all their family were around, and all their friends. And a time they were happy. These kind of memories are special. So helping your child make them and keep them, with photographs and keepsakes is a great benefit.

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