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Choosing the perfect children’s entertainer

When it comes to your children’s birthday parties, making sure you get it right is essential. From the venue to the decorations, there are so many choices to be made. And choosing the perfect children’s entertainer can be yet another challenge. Here at Mr Stix, we have a wide range of experience covering a whole host of children’s parties and family occasions. And so we now how stressful it can be for parents trying to get everything right. So how do you choose the right entertainer for your party?

What does your child want?

First things first, you could begin by asking your child what they want as part of their birthday entertainment. While you might get some impossible requests, or some completely unaffordable options, you might be able to piece together some of the more tangible suggestions and get the entertainment they want. This will all add to their enjoyment of the party, and ultimately, your own happiness too.

Define the Party

Before you begin hunting down the perfect children’s entertainer, you should make sure you can define the audience. Is your party for a boy or a girl, and how old are they? Getting age appropriate entertainment is so important. And you will notice that some children’s entertainers are geared more towards one age group than another. So dont embarrass your teenager, or bore your 5 year old! At the same time, some children’s entertainers might be focused more on one gender than another, which might not be appropriate for your birthday party.

Here at Mr Stix, we succeed in providing entertainment suitable for both boys and girls, and cater for a range of age groups. So if you have something in mind, just ask. We are more than happy to help.


Once you think you have found the perfect entertainer, make sure you ask around. Word of mouth is important, as are online reviews. Read about other people’s experiences before you settle for something that isnt what it seems.

For more information or to book your entertainment, get in touch today, here at Mr Stix.