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Celebrating a January birthday

Now that Christmas is over, we can look ahead to the coming New Year. January can be one of the worst months for children’s parties. Not only is everyone feeling the financial pinch, but its cold and flu season, and people don’t feel like leaving the house. This means that children with birthdays early in January can get a rough deal. Here at Mr Stix, our team have attended hundreds of children’s birthday parties, and so we have produced this guide to celebrating a January birthday.


If your child’s birthday is early in January, before the schools go back, you might end up with very few guests. This is simply because your invitations will be forgotten with all the celebrating occurring over Christmas. So it might be a good idea to send out your invites before the end of term, but also to contact the parents nearer the time. A helpful reminder might be all you need to ensure a full house at your party.


Once you’ve gone to the trouble of making sure your guests will turn up, you should consider the entertainment. After all, children are often “partied out” by the time January roles around. From school parties to Christmas parties to New Year itself, children will have been attending a full number of events across the festive calendar. So yet another disco might not be what they are looking for.

Instead, consider hiring a children’s entertainer, like the award winning Mr Stix. With a range of party packages and optional extras to choose from, Mr Stix can handle your full birthday entertainment needs. So you have time to organise party bags and party food while the children are playing games and enjoying the show. Its the perfect way to make sure your January birthday stands out from the crowd.

For more information or to book your own entertainment, get in touch with the team today, here at Mr Stix.