Mr Stix balloon modelling

Decorating Parties with Balloons

Everyone knows, parities need balloons. They are bright, eye catching and a whole lot of fun. Especially for children’s parties. As an award winning children’s entertainer, the team at Mr Stix has been to more parties than most, and so this is our guide to decorating parties with balloons.

Entrance balloons

Balloons around or near the entrance of the party will really raise the excitement of the children and get them desperate to get into the venue. Why not position some bunches of helium balloons at each side of the door or entrance to attract attention and engagement. For a more sophisticated crowd, a balloon arch can look incredible. While it will still be exciting for the youngsters, adults will also appreciate the effort.

Table balloons

Inexpensive and easy to get hold of, balloons are an easy way to decorate your tables at any party. Even if you have a themed children’s party, balloons in the right colours can really tie in nicely. However, you cant put balloons on table and not expect the children to play with them, so make sure you know that your table decorations may not be around for long, and take your photographs first.

Balloons hanging from ceiling

Allowing your balloons to float up the ceiling creates a really cool effect. One that will have all the children talking, and perhaps trying to reach those balloons, so make sure you keep a health and safety eye out for climbers. Then at the end of the party, you can give out the balloons along with the party bags.

Balloons for entertainment

Balloon modelling is a great way to keep children entertained at parties and events. It also provides balloons they can play with, without ruining your decorations. Mr Stix is incredibly gifted at balloon modelling, so why not book his services today?