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Children’s birthday parties boost confidence

Planning and organizing your child’s party is a high stakes affair. From the food, to the entertainment, and even the venue, your choices need to be perfect. In fact, it can feel particularly overwhelming! But we are sure you’ll agree, that all the hassle is worth it. Not only will your child have a fantastic and memorable day, but they will also grow and develop new skills too. In fact, throwing a birthday party for your child can really boost their confidence and self esteem. Here at Mr Stix, we have produced this guide to inform you of how children’s birthday parties boost confidence,

New experiences

During a birthday party, children get the opportunity to try new things, meet new people and take part in activities they might not have tried. Like balloon modelling or trampolining. Mastering new skills, and trying out new things can do wonders for your child’s self esteem and confidence. And can really help them begin to believe in themselves.

Star of the show

At their own party, all eyes are on them. And with all their friends singing to them, and being there for them, children can really feel a boost. That’s why the children’s party option, here at Mr Stix, can be tailored to make the birthday boy or girl become the star of the show! Even if your child is shy, they will be able to participate as much, or as little, as they would like. Which means that they can control the situation, and feel safe.


Children often value themselves based on their friendships with others. Children with fewer friends, often feel less self confident, and have lower self esteem. A birthday party is a great way to show children how much they are loved by all their family, as well as their friends. And it can also be a great opportunity to make more friends.

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