Planning a princess birthday party

Princess birthday parties are a party theme older than time itself. Or so it seems. Little girls and their friends love to dress up as their favourite Disney or storybook princesses and become the centre of their own princess tale. Even if its just for their party. So how can you make sure their party helps make their dreams a reality? Well, here at Mr Stix, we have attended many princess themed parties. And this is our guide to planning a princess birthday party.


A princess theme has to start with the invitations! And there are plenty to choose from. From the traditional Disney Princess invitation packages, to a more general princess set, you can choose invitations to match your style of princess party. This is the perfect opportunity to also ask your guests to wear a princess dress if possible, if you want to make it a costume party.


Another consideration should be the food. For a princess theme, cupcakes and finger sandwiches are a must. Or you can cut cookies using a princess cutter. Either way, you should be aiming for pink and glittery!


Whatever theme you have in mind for a birthday party, the decorations will really help to emphasize this. So choose table decorations, banners and a centerpiece that will really match the princess theme you are aiming for.


No party is complete without the entertainment! Even a Princess party. After all, princesses are always going on adventures. So why not hire an entertainer who can take your group of princesses on a fun and entertaining quest filled with music, dancing, laughter, comedy, and most importantly, audience involvement. A good entertainer will keep all your guests engaged through amazing storytelling, while providing opportunities to join in throughout the party. And either the 1 hour party, or the 2 hour party package from Mr Stix, will provide all this, and much more.

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