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Children’s entertainment for family occasions

From the 30th birthday party, to the retirement party, family occasions can be long and boring for children. And we all know that children that are bored, are much more likely to get into trouble. As a result, planning children’s entertainment for these events is a much more important part of your event than you might initially think. After all, if the children are entertained, the parents are more likely to have fun too. Of course, your first step should be to hire Mr Stix, an award winning children’s entertainer. But what other ideas are there for children’s entertainment for family occasion?

Party games

Even adults love to participate in some party games. Especially if it comes in the form of a Game Show. Mr Stix has a 45 minute to 1 hour Game Show option that can be the perfect way to keep both the children and the adults entertained during a family occasion. The Game Show is suitable for the whole family and will involve different teams competing against one another. The show is fast and fun, featuring high-energy music and colourful entertainment.

Balloon modelling

While the Game Show is high participation, balloon modelling can keep your children entertained among themselves. Mr Stix can produce all manner of weird and wacky balloon creatures, animals and objects guaranteed to delight and surprise the children (and adults) at your family occasion. It will also leave them with something to play with and talk about, keeping them happy during your party.

In addition, balloon modelling workshops can also be booked with Mr Stix. This means that the children at your family event can learn how to make their own balloon models. So not only will they be entertained, they will also learn a new skill and have something to be proud of too.

Low key entertainment ideas

For low key entertainment that will keep the children occupied once Mr Stix has left, why not consider:

  • activity packs with stickers, drawing and colouring
  • providing your youngsters with a disposable camera for them to take pictures throughout the party
  • a lego set for concentration and creativity
  • a handheld game or puzzle

For more information about the activities Mr Stix can offer, get in touch today!