Children’s Entertainer Wales

Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer Wales, delivering laughter and joy to children and families across country.

The Holiday Show

45 minutes to 1 hour of laughter fun and mayhem, the Holiday Show is packed full of magic and illusion, music and dancing, comedy and laughter, and family friendly fun. A great show thats guaranteed to raise laughs and keep your guests engaged, the Holiday Show features Mr Stix and his assistant Peanut. So whether its a large celebration or a small party, the Holiday Show is a fantastic option.

1 Hour Party

For the perfect party entertainment, look no further. The 1 hour party is designed with birthdays and special occasions in mind. Filled with comedy and fun, music and dancing, magic and illusion, and of course, audience participation, this 1 hour package will keep your guests entertained. And, if you have a special celebrant that would like to be involved, they can become the star of the show! With fun and laughter all the way through, this party package is all the entertainment you will need.

2 Hour Party

Sometimes an hour just isnt long enough. In which case, you need to book the 2 Hour Party! Perfect for parties and celebrations of any size, the 2 Hour Party is specifically designed to keep the audience involved and engaged for the full duration. With a balance of music, dancing, comedy, and magic, not to mention balloon modelling and audience participation, the 2 Hour Party is a fantastic choice. In fact, there can even be a break in the middle for party food.

Balloon Modelling

For some extra fun and amazement, why not add some additional balloon modelling to any of the packages? Just ask. Mr Stix can create amazing balloon models, that will impress and fascinate your guests. So whether your party is large or small, indoor or outdoor, balloon modelling can be a fantastic option. And, if you want to learn the secrets of balloon modelling yourself, you can! A balloon modelling workshop can easily be arranged.