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Top food ideas for parties

Organizing everything for your child’s birthday party can be overwhelming. And a bit of a challenge. With so much to remember, and a lot to do, food is something that often gets overlooked. But it’s usually always necessary when you are throwing your own children’s party. So what are the top food ideas for parties?

Top food ideas for parties

A children’s party wouldn’t be a party without food. So what type of food is a big hit? Well, here are our top food ideas for parties:

  • Cake- of course cake has to top the list. Especially for a birthday party, where a birthday cake is an absolute essential.
  • Pizza- cheap and easy to cook, cheese and tomato pizzas are a simple food that can go a long way to keeping your party guests happy. It’s also easy to eat and wont require a knife and fork.
  • Sandwiches- the classic food choice, sandwiches can be perfect for children’s parties. In fact some people provide a small snack box containing a sandwich, some fruit and a chocolate bar. This can be helpful as each child is given their own box of food, and you don’t have to set up a buffet table. You can even consider cutting the sandwiches into shapes to suit your party theme.
  • Hot dogs- another simple and easy to provide food idea is the classic hot dog. If you are renting a hall, or your venue has a kitchen facility, cooking up some hot dogs can be a doddle.
  • Snacks- looking to pad out your food selection? Why not get some snacks. Carrot sticks, cocktail sausages, cucumber sticks, cheese cubes and bread-sticks can all be good choices.

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