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Advantages of circus skills parties

When it comes to children’s parties and entertainment, there is nothing better than a circus skills party. From learning new skills to growing in confidence, there are many advantages of circus skills parties. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, with a range of party packages to offer. This includes circus skills parties and workshops. And this is our guide to the advantages of circus skills parties.

Advantages of circus skills parties

Circus skills parties with Mr Stix are fun filled and action packed. And can be the perfect way for you child to celebrate their birthday, or for children’s entertainment at events or functions. But why choose circus skills over any other option? Well, some of the advantages of circus skills parties include:

  • learning new skills
  • confidence building
  • memorable party
  • fun and laughter

Learning new skills

Children might tell you they hate learning. Or more likely, they hate school. But learning circus tricks isn’t anything like school! So whether it’s juggling or plate spinning, children thoroughly enjoy learning these skills. And of course, demonstrating them to an audience. Now circus skills might not be useful life skills, but they do help:

  • build co-ordination
  • boost dexterity
  • improve listening skills
  • boost confidence

Confidence building

Learning something new is an opportunity for anyone, young or old, to grow in confidence. And this will be more apparent, the more enjoyable and fun the activity is. Circus skills parties give children a fun filled activity, jam packed with actions and involvement, and help them to grow in confidence while learning something new. And being able to show off to you, the care-giver, with a while host of new skills is definitely something to smile about.

Fun filled

Circus skills parties are packed with fun. From jaw dropping demonstrations and showmanship, to the fun of learning something new, a circus skill party will keep all your guests involved, engaged and having fun. Creating long term, lasting memories.

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