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Advantages of puppet parties for under 5’s

When it comes to children’s entertainment, puppets have long been a successful and well enjoyed option. Just look at Punch and Judy and the success it enjoyed in the Victorian era. Thankfully, puppets have come a long way since then. And so has the storytelling. But why choose a puppet party for your children’s birthday party? Well, as an award winning children’s entertainer, Mr Stix has produced this guide to the advantages of puppet parties for under 5’s.

Advantages of puppet parties for under 5’s

Puppets can be a fantastic medium for children’s parties. Especially for the under 5’s, and the preschool age children. But what are the advantages? Well there are several, including:

  • Storytelling- puppet parties are based on storytelling, and this is a great way to reach the children at their level.
  • Audience participation- Once the story has got going, it’s essential for the children to join in, and direct the story
  • Imagination- watching a puppet show develops imagination.


Children love stories. Not every child will enjoy reading, but you can bet they will enjoy a bedtime story. Or even a story at nursery or pre-school. So using storytelling as the form of entertainment for young children helps them to feel safe and secure. They have already learnt that stories are fun and interesting. And they enjoy becoming part of it.

Using storytelling with puppets, for this age group, is a great way to help improve listening skills, language and literacy skills, and imagination.

Audience participation

To keep the children on their toes, puppet parties involve a lot of audience participation. From joining in with repeated choruses, to determining what should happen next, the children have an active say in the story, and really get involved. And this all adds to the fun and enjoyment of a puppet party.

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