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Hosting a memorable children’s birthday party

When it comes to important events of the year, your child’s birthday is definitely one of them. From the perfect gift, to the perfect party, your child’s birthday is probably one of the most stressful events too. And hosting a memorable children’s birthday party is no easy feat. Especially as you need to impress not only your own child/children, but all their friends and parents too. So just how do you go about making sure your event will be special. Well, here at Mr Stix, that’s exactly what we can offer!

Hosting a memorable children’s birthday party

Here are our top 6 steps for hosting a memorable children’s birthday party:

  1. Book age appropriate entertainment- Not all children’s entertainment will be suitable for all age ranges, so make sure you book a professional entertainer with good reviews and a routine suitable for your youngsters. Whether its pre-school age, or pre-teen, here at Mr Stix, we have something for all ages.
  2. Choose a theme- Planning a party around a theme can really help to make your event go off without a hitch. It can help you tie in your party bags, food choices, and decorations to create a party that will really stand out.
  3. Plan your guest-list- While you might be tempted to invite all your children’s friends, from all sorts of different clubs, this could lead to problems with some children feeling left out.
  4. Plan your food- when it comes to party food, make sure you prepare food that can be served cold, and can suit everyone. Make sure you know of any dietary requirements before you prepare all the food.

For more information about what Mr Stix can offer for children’s parties and events, including the different party packages, get in touch today.