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Top tips for planning a children’s party

If you want your children’s party to be successful, you need to plan, plan plan. From the party food to the party bags, from the guest list, to the entertainment, all aspects of your party will need to be planned and prepared for. Hiring an excellent children’s entertainer like Mr Stix, will go some way towards helping with your planning. But what else will need to be prepared? Well, these are some top tips for planning a children’s party.

Plan the menu

If you will be providing a small meal or a buffet for party food, its important to plan out what you will be providing. You dont want to cook something too complicated, and it will often be eaten cold. Fro this reason, sandwiches and pizzas make a great choice. Especially if you use cookie cutters to cut them into interesting shapes.

In addition, you will need to be aware of any food allergies that may be present.

Book the venue

Booking a venue can be tricky, but it does mean that there will be more space, and you wont need to worry about your home being taken over by small children! On the other hand, its much less expensive to hold the party at home, at a time and date that suits your schedule.


If you need to send out invitations to your party, make sure you send them out around 3 weeks before the event. This give plenty of time for people to make arrangements to drop their children off and pick them back up. That way, more of your child’s friends will be able to attend.


Finally, consider your entertainment. Why not hire an award winning children;s entertainer like Mr Stix? Get in touch today, for more information or to book.