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Hiring a Children’s Entertainer for birthday parties

Your child’s birthday is one of the most special and important days of the year. But it can be incredibly stressful too. Especially if you are expecting a number of boisterous children that will all need to be involved in something to occupy their time. This when hiring a children’s entertainer can be a fantastic idea. Mr Stix is an award winning children’s entertainer, working across the North West, to provide fun and laughter to families and events. One of the things he specializes in is birthday parties. So this is a dedicated guide to hiring a children’s entertainer for birthday parties.


A skilled children’s entertainer can keep your guests entertained and happy for the whole allotted time. Using magic, stories, games, comedy and music, children’s entertainers have a wide range of skills that they can draw on to make sure your children’s party goes to plan. In fact, with Mr Stix’s skill set you can keep the children engaged for a full 2 hours. This leaves you with child free time to prepare party bags or party food, or even a chance to put your feet up!

Laughter and happiness

Any parent knows that a bored child is one that is most likely to misbehave. From tantrums to fights, children’s parties can be a nightmare to juggle to keep everyone happy. But a good children’s entertainer can involve their audience with music, magic, comedy and general fun, so that the children at your child’s party will all have a smile on their face.

A chance to relax

Finally, children’s parties can be a nightmare for parents. You will no doubt spend your time watching your children avidly, in case any issues should arise. But with a children’s entertainer, you’ll get a real chance to relax and talk to your friends. This is because a children’s entertainer will be devoting all their attention to keeping your children happy, so you can take a break. This means its not just the children that will be leaving happily, its the adults too.

For more information or advice, or to book your own children’s entertainer, for a party they’ll never forget, get in touch with us here at Mr Stix.